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5 Careers That Drink The Most Coffee

5 Careers That Drink The Most Coffee

December 02, 2017

Coffee is a beverage that can be enjoyed throughout the entire day. Whether you prefer one or two cups to start your morning or you need that afternoon jolt, there’s no question that your cup of coffee is essential. This wonderful drink is enjoyed by all, but this begs the question, who enjoys it most?

At Fire Dept. Coffee, we are determined to provide our customers with quality coffee that not only tastes good, but gives you the strength to take on the day. We offer individual bags or coffee in bulk for those who are willing to share (Or not share. We don’t judge.) Don’t forget to check out our spirit-infused coffee! Choose from tequila-, rum-, or bourbon-infused coffee to start your day with an extra kick!

It’s no question that the working class enjoys their morning cup o’ joe, and in today’s blog, we will take a look at five careers that take their coffee consumption to the next level.

Journalists/Media Staff

Ever wondered why your morning news anchors are so perky? The answer is coffee. Think about it, that coffee cup with the news channel logo is a staple for every morning, evening, and afternoon news cast. You would probably need that extra boost as well if you had to get up before the rooster crows to report on traffic and the weather.

Media staff have a hard job, too. They’re running around trying to make sure everything goes smoothly. With any type of media job, there’s no such thing as perfect, but the media staff have to make it come off that way to the viewers, which means they have to be at the top of their game for any sort of issue that may arise. Coffee is no doubt their best friend.

Police Officers

Coffee and donuts anyone? Stereotype aside, police officers do a lot for their community. Crime never sleeps and neither do our trusted cops. Caffeine gives them that extra surge to stay awake and alert on their nightly patrols and stakeouts. We all know what happens to the cop who falls asleep on the job. Who needs superheroes when you’ve got police officers hopped up on caffeine!


Do you like your coffee extra strong? Fire Dept. Coffee has got you covered. Our quality coffee is strong enough to keep you going all day! We offer individually sold bags, or our strong-brewed coffee in bulk so you can stock up for the entire police station. Need something a little extra in the morning? Try our specialty coffee! We also carry coffee infused with bourbon, rum, and tequila for that extra special flavor. Contact Fire Dept. Coffee today or visit our website to satisfy your coffee craving.


Wrangling children is no easy task. No matter what age they are, children and teens have this special ability to drain your energy. For parents, your children hit that magic age of five years old and you are relieved of your parental duties for eight hours out of the day. Unfortunately, that responsibility falls on their teacher. Suddenly it’s not just one or two children they have to look after, it’s up to thirty. Not only that, but the teacher has to try and get them to pay attention and actually learn something! Yikes! No wonder teachers drink so much coffee.

Need something a little stronger than coffee to get through your day? Fire Dept. Coffee has the fix you need. Our specialty coffee is infused with bourbon, rum, or tequila. Buy yours today!

Plumbers and Trade Workers

When something stops working in your home, who are you going to call? If you live in a household that is deprived of a useful handy man, chances are you will search for a plumber, electrician, carpenter, or someone who can fix the problem at hand. Men and women with these careers are always on-call, especially with companies who offer their services 24/7. Coffee is essential to stay awake for those long hours doing daunting tasks that wear you out. Think about it, would you want a plumber coming in and working on your pipes when he or she can barely stay awake? What about a contractor using dangerous power tools? Probably not.


Nurses/Medical Staff

Much like the other occupations listed, nurses and medical staff don’t take a break. They work long shifts and have to keep their problem solving skills sharp. Not to mention they are working hard to keep people alive. Imagine all the responsibilities nurses, doctors, and other medical staff have in one night. It’s hard to even name them all without wanting a giant cup of hot coffee.

Fire Dept. Coffee believes in quality coffee that is extra strong to keep you going the entire day. Their coffee was developed by firefighters for firefighters and other members of the working class, because they know what goes into a hard day's work. Check out the rest of our website for more information or to buy some of our quality coffee. We offer both single bags and bulk coffee. Get yours today!

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