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5 Reasons why Firefighters and Paramedics don’t run into emergency calls

It is often the assumption of the general public that Firefighters and Paramedics should be running up to the scene or patient on an emergency call. Here’s 5 reasons why we don’t...

  1. Anytime there is an emergency, there is often chaos and emotions are high. Time is of the essence and it’s our job to make split second decisions on what we’re going to do next. We are forming our general impression, calculating risks, and sizing up the scene. 
  2. Anxiety is contagious. We learn to adapt. That doesn’t mean we are immune to the stresses of the horror we see on a day to day. There is sometimes people screaming and yelling for us to do what we may or may not be able to do. We have to block that out so that we can focus on the job at hand. Chaos would love to draw us in like a vacuum. Thankfully we have our officers and police to watch our backs while we work. Which leads into number 3.
  3. We work, eat, sleep, and function as a team. That means, it doesn’t matter what our personal differences are. That's my brother or sister working together by my side to get the job done. We don’t roll up to any scene solo. They have my back and they're counting on me for the same. We always work in pairs. Two in, two out. This is not a one person show. We train as a team and we show up as a team.
  4. Newton’s Third Law: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. What happens early on will likely affect the outcome of the overall emergency. When things go wrong early in the incident, they can quickly snowball for the worse. Every decision counts. There are no do overs.
  5. We have to expect the unexpected. Things can change in a split second. You wouldn’t want us running into a house or up to a scene without the proper equipment or without taking a few seconds as we approach to fully evaluate what we are about to get ourselves into. Running up to a scene will only get heart’s racing and mistakes are more likely to happen. We are there to bring calm to the chaos and we truly care about the people we are there to help. 

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