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Coffee Innovation Redefined: The Spirit Infused Coffee Line

Here at Fire Dept. Coffee, we strive to not only provide the best tasting, easiest drinking coffee you’ve ever had, we also strive to be at the cutting edge of coffee innovation. That is why we are excited to officially announce our brand new Spirit Infused Coffee Line. With a revolutionary process unlike anything done before, the Spirit Infused Coffee is set to redefine coffee innovation across the coffee industry.


For it's flagship release, we will be featuring three different infused coffees: bourbon, tequila, and rum infused, each with their own unique flavors and aroma. The process used to create these coffees is groundbreaking! Unlike cask barrel aged coffee which can have a powerful and harsh flavor from the charred wood inside the barrel, the Spirit Infused Coffee Line features a proprietary infusion process, which has never been done before. Consumers will taste the flavor they love with none of the harshness of the barrel aging process. Just smooth Fire Dept. Coffee with the delicious smells and tastes of Bourbon, Tequila, or Rum.


The Bourbon Infusion has the delicious smoothness of bourbon and the best part is you can drink it in the morning without feeling guilty. The Rum Infusion takes you straight to tropical shores with the kick of caffeine that you need to get the job done. Finally, the Tequila Infusion conveys the delicious complexity of the drink you know and love, with hints of lime and a crisp, sweet finish.


Not only is this process groundbreaking, but it will give us the chance to experiment and create Limited Edition releases for all of your favorite spirits! The possibilities are endless! To see our Limited Edition releases in the future, be sure to follow our Instagram and Facebook pages. 


Here at Fire Dept. Coffee, we pride ourselves on our work to create coffee that the working class can be proud to drink. We are positive that the Spirit Infused Coffee Line will be right at home among our other quality products. We cannot wait for you to buy a bag for yourself and experience coffee innovation redefined!