Coffee is the Secret Weapon of the American Workforce

Coffee is the Secret Weapon of the American Workforce

August 30, 2018

We work long hours.

As firefighters, working long hours is part of the job. The firehouse has to be manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long. No matter when that call comes in, we have to be ready, energized, and prepared for whatever challenge lies ahead.

But, we know that we’re not alone. We meet people all the time who work just as hard, for just as long. No matter if you are blue collar or white collar – hard work doesn’t discriminate.

We all put in the time because that’s what the job calls for.

One thing most of us seem to have in common? Coffee.

The caffeine in our favorite cup of joe acts as a stimulant, and its most immediate effect is keeping us alert. When we’re on a long shift, it’s our job to remain focused, sharp, and ready.

That’s where the coffee comes in. For firefighters, police officers, scientists, teachers, office workers, and, well, pretty much everyone, coffee and a well-timed boost of caffeine is essential. We’ve got to have it.

Statistics from on global caffeine consumption make it clear that coffee is vital, not just to Americans, but to hardworking people around the world. A few stats stand out:

Americans consume 971 tons of coffee every year, more than any other country.
Well done, America. We’re not saying that coffee is what makes this the greatest country in the world, but we are saying it helps.

54 percent of Americans over the age of 18 consume coffee on a daily basis.
There are two things we like about this statistic. First, it tells us that the majority of Americans are enjoying the delicious, energizing taste of our favorite beverage every day. That’s amazing! The second thing we like? It tells us that 46 percent of Americans aren’t coffee drinkers — yet. That’s called growth potential.

The majority of coffee drinkers consume 3.1 cups per day.
Most of you fine people are enjoying more than three cups of coffee per day, so you know just how important coffee can be to keep you on top of your game.

68 percent of coffee drinkers have their first cup within an hour of waking up.
If any of you know any better ways to wake up, we’re all ears. Just make sure we’ve had our coffee first, so we can tell you why you’re wrong.

54 percent of caffeine consumers state that caffeine puts them in a better mood.
Who doesn’t want to be in a better mood? Seriously, nothing puts us in a bad mood worse than running out of coffee. It’s why we never run out of coffee. Ever.

70 percent of consumed caffeine is in the form of coffee.
Coffee wins in a landslide. Our hats off to you! You’re smart, good-looking, hardworking people and you have phenomenal taste in caffeinated beverages.

16 percent of consumed caffeine is in the form of soft drinks.
We’ll allow it, as we like a soda every now and then, too. Variety is the spice of life. Well… Okay, no, coffee is the spice of life.

12 percent of consumed caffeine is in the form of tea.
Clearly, that 12 percent is doing it wrong. Moving on.

90 percent of people in the world consume at least one meal or beverage with caffeine in it on a daily basis.
You read that right: nine out of 10 people in the world enjoy caffeine on a daily basis. We hope you’ll join us in our mission to find that poor, unfortunate 10 percent and buy them a cup of coffee.

This is what you call strength in numbers, and the numbers don’t lie. We love a good cup of coffee and we know you do, too. At Fire Dept. Coffee, we’re proud to roast a variety of delicious coffee for hard-working folks like you. Ready to stock up on your favorite coffee? Shop our high-quality coffee and specialty blends so that you have enough to keep you ready for the job at hand.

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