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Growing Stronger With Every Cup

We just passed our first year in business and we’re beyond excited to tell you about some pretty cool things that are happening right now. It’s been a great year to say the least. The incredible amount of support we have gotten from so many amazing people and organizations has just blown our minds. We had no idea when we started PI Coffee Roasters that it would evolve and grow so quickly. It really is because of the tremendous amount of people who believed in us and what we are doing. We are truly grateful.

Why the name change?

We decided that we wanted to make it our goal to become the first ever coffee company made specifically for the fire service. For firefighters by firefighters. Not only did we want to make an easy drinking and flavorful brew, we wanted to provide a way official agencies and departments could purchase bulk coffee at a discounted price. We call that Fire Department Pricing.

If you’d like to know more about our Fire Department Pricing, we would encourage you to check out our quick and easy verification process. Fire Department Pricing 

Has our coffee changed?

No. We use the same high quality specialty coffee roasted in small batches to order. Our coffee is always fresh and packed with smooth, easy drinking flavor. Additionally, we here at Fire Department Coffee are all firefighters and Post 9/11 Veterans. If you are a Veteran or First Responder, we thank you for your service. You will ALWAYS enjoy a discount on your coffee from FDC. Coffee

What’s new?

With the growth in our business we’ve invested into bigger and better equipment, new packaging, a new website, FDC-single serve coffee, cool merchandise, and a lot more to come. We look forward to growing with you and we’re excited to see what the rest of the year has in store. 

Thank you for your support!

FDC Crew