On Veterans Day and Every Day, We Are Grateful for Our Heroes

On Veterans Day and Every Day, We Are Grateful for Our Heroes

November 06, 2018

Courage. Service. Sacrifice.

Our nation was founded on those principles more than 200 years ago, and those same principles still guide our military members today.

As Veterans Day approaches, those men and women are in our thoughts more and more. The selfless spirit that guides them is a source of inspiration for us each and every day.

Fire Dept. Coffee is a company founded, owned and operated by veterans. So we’ve seen firsthand, at home and overseas, what it means to serve with a sense of duty, honor and pride. Each day, we now work alongside first responders — firefighters, paramedics, police officers and more.

It’s no secret that many military veterans later turn to careers as first responders. The similarities between them can’t be ignored. All of them are driven to serve and protect their fellow citizens.

We are honored to know so many fine people who put on a uniform and give all they have in the service of others. In fact, it’s what led us to create Fire Dept. Coffee.

Military members and first responders work long hours and they have to be ready around the clock. Coffee quickly becomes their best friend. It provides the added boost that they need, so they’re always able to rise to the occasion when the call comes in.

Now as Veterans Day approaches, we want to remind you that all active military, veterans and first responders save 15% on every order from Fire Dept. Coffee. Just complete the quick verification at checkout to claim your savings.

Or if you’re purchasing it as a gift for one of these brave men or women, type a special note for them in the comments. We’ll include it with their order, along with an invitation for them to get 15% off all future purchases.

It’s the least we can do for all that our heroes have done.

From our popular Original Blend coffee to our latest addition — the dark, bold Backdraft Espresso — we strive to roast easy-drinking coffee for hard-working people. We’ve even got a Donut Shop coffee for our friends in the police department.

We kid because we care, officers. But seriously, it’s delicious.

We might just be making coffee, but our goals are much greater. Taking care of the heroes who take care of us is our highest mission. We recently launched the Fire Dept. Coffee Foundation and a portion of the proceeds from every order goes to help support ill or injured first responders in their time of need.

And we will always do all we can to support our nation’s veterans. We hope you’ll spread the word about Fire Dept. Coffee. We have such a deep respect for all that our military members and veterans have done for us.

We’re grateful each and every day.

And if a cup of our coffee, roasted to order every time, can make their day better or easier in even the smallest way, then we are humbled and honored to serve them.

Thank you, veterans. You are our heroes.

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