T’was the Night Before Christmas (at the Firehouse)

T’was the Night Before Christmas (at the Firehouse)

November 13, 2018

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the firehouse

Not a creature was stirring, the coffee had run out

The mugs were all stacked on the counter with care

With nothing to fill them, the cabinets were bare

The rookies drove me crazy, then they fell asleep

After the captain made dinner, that was unfit to eat

With floors to be cleaned and gifts left to wrap

This was no time for a firefighter to even take a nap

When out on the street, screeching brakes made me leap

I laid on the couch and pretended to sleep

When what to my half-opened eye should appear

The big man in red, our Christmas Blend was here

I hopped right on up and hugged Fireman Santa

We grabbed us two mugs and exchanged some quick banter

We brewed us a pot, we drank and drank more

Then the elves from his truck showed up at our door

What could I do? I poured them all cups

To deprive them on Christmas would be quite messed up

We all drank a toast and then Santa’s crew had to go

To firehouses far and wide, so the coffee would flow

And I heard him exclaim as they rolled out of sight

Christmas Blend for them all and they’ll stay up all night!

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