7 Benefits of a Coffee Subscription with Fire Dept. Coffee

7 Benefits of a Coffee Subscription with Fire Dept. Coffee

November 18, 2020

Can anything really top a bag of your favorite Fire Dept. Coffee beans or grounds? Actually, yes: a bag of your favorite Fire Dept. Coffee beans or grounds delivered straight to your door on a regular basis! 

The benefits of a coffee subscription with us range from practicality (a fancy word for ‘not having to get out of your PJs to buy coffee) to enhanced flavors and much more. 

The tasty benefits of a coffee subscription with Fire Dept. Coffee

1. You'll never run out of coffee

You immediately know it’s going to be a terrible day when you’ve already put the pot on only to realize that someone else has used up all the coffee without replenishing your precious stash. 

A Fire Dept. Coffee subscription means that you’ll never have to face those dreadful mornings ever again! 

Depending on your caffeinated habits, we’ll deliver your bag of beans, grounds or coffee pods as frequently as you wish.

Fresh beans for a coffee subscription

2. A coffee subscription is incredibly practical

As well as avoiding shortages, having your coffee delivered regularly is undoubtedly practical.

No last-minute drives to the store, no standing in line to get a fresh cup of coffee before your shift, no getting out of your pajamas to go and get new beans (honestly, that’s the best part!).

3. Your coffee will always be fresh

One of our favorite benefits of a coffee subscription with us is that you get much better java than you would when using store-bought grounds. Why? 

Because coffee doesn’t stay fresh forever and those bags have been sitting on a shelf for who-knows-how-long! 

Our coffee, on the contrary, is always roasted to order: impeccable at preserving all the flavor and aroma nuances.


Fresh coffee beans

4. You can either play it safe or experiment with something different

Some coffee lovers treat their blends like penguins treat their mates: once they’ve found one they adore, they’ll NEVER part. Some others prefer the excitement of trying something new every time. 

Either way, Fire Dept. Coffee’s got you covered!

You can pledge your coffee allegiance to a specific blend or join our exclusive Coffee of the Month Club to get bags from different origins every time.

5. A coffee subscription saves you money 

Not only is it cheaper than driving to the store to buy new beans or always relying on coffee shops: our coffee subscription rewards your commitment by offering you free shipping and a 5% discount.

6. It makes a fantastic present for coffee lovers

We know, you’re probably here because you’re planning on getting it for yourself (we can’t blame you!), but don’t forget that our coffee subscription is also the dream gift for any caffeine aficionado. 

Instead of the usual shower gels or bottle of booze, give them something that will remind them every single morning of how lucky they are to have you in their life. 

Yep, that’s the power of our coffee!

7. You get to support an independent, veteran-owned roasteryFire Dept. Coffee team

At Fire Dept. Coffee, we’re proud to be a veteran-owned business run by firefighters. We also created our independent roastery as a charitable organization to give back to our brothers and sisters in need. 

Choosing a coffee subscription with us allows you to contribute to our special mission: 10% of our net profit goes to supporting injured firefighters and other first responders.

If these benefits of a coffee subscription with us got you craving for a perfect world in which we look after your stash by bringing you fresh coffee before it runs out, make it happen today!

At Fire Dept Coffee we’ve got bags of beans, grounds or pods for everyone’s taste. We roast and deliver, you choose and enjoy.

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