Fire Department Coffee

Return Policy

Return policy for all products excluding Fire Dept. Pricing, wholesale orders, and International orders.

Fire Department Coffee Inc. has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all coffee purchased from Please contact if you are not satisfied with your purchase and we will make sure that your issue is resolved, corrected, or otherwise made right.

We limit the right to return used or partially used coffee products to Fire Department Coffee Inc.

When initiating a return, Fire Department Coffee Inc. is not obligated to provide any form of reimbursement, whether monetary or product, for any purchases through, from a period of 14 calendar days after original purchase.

There are no returns on international and wholesale orders. It is always our goal to make sure all customers are 100% satisfied, and we will continue to work hard to earn your business. We much appreciate all your support and for allowing us the opportunity to serve you.



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