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Disclaimer & Return Policy


Participating in this program is a privilege and there are guidelines and rules that must be strictly adhered to.  By using this subscription and participating in this program, you agree that you will not sell (without our approval) any Fire Department Coffee products or PI COFFEE ROASTERS INC. products to any individual, department, team or unit.  You also agree that you will not sell Fire Department Coffee or divert such products for resale in any environment, to include but not limited to, the Internet, swap meets or flea markets. Portions of our sales go back to the fire service or veteran assistance programs. Abuse of this program would be taking from our brothers and sisters in need which we do not take lightly.

Return Policy

You may return any unopened, factory sealed package of coffee within a 1 week of delivery. Any open or damaged items will not be accepted or returned. If you require a sample kit prior to making a purchase greater than 12lbs a month, please contact