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Help Us Help Our Heroes: 20% of Online Sales Before Oct. 1 Support Efforts to Combat Post-Traumatic Stress

When you put on a uniform — whether you’re a firefighter, a police officer, a member of the military or another service professional — you’re volunteering to do the work that others won’t do, to see things that others don’t want to see. It’s important work, but it can take a toll. As much as we wish it could, a good cup of coffee can’t cure everything. That’s why from now until the end of September, Fire Department Coffee will donate 20% of all online orders to support the Rosecrance Florian Program, which gives service personnel the tools to confront and overcome issues arising from traumatic experiences on the job.   The team at Fire Department Coffee will also be...

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On 9/11, We Honor 16 Years of Service and Sacrifice

Sixteen years. It’s incredible to think that so many years have passed since September 11, 2001. It was a day that revealed to us the worst of humanity — and the very best that our nation has to offer. When we reflect on 9/11, we remember the lives that were lost. We also remember the courage, selflessness and service that were on full display that day and on so many others that followed. The crew at Fire Department Coffee is made up of both firefighters and military veterans. It’s given us the opportunity to meet and get to know some of the finest men and women ever to wear a uniform. Some of them answered the call on September 11,...

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Our Way of Saying Thank You: Up to 50% Off Through Labor Day

At Fire Department Coffee, we’re proud to brew coffee for the blue collar worker. This is just one more way for us to thank you for all that you do. Starting Friday at midnight and running through the end of the day Monday, you can get anywhere from 15% to 50% off on a variety of sale items. There’s no better time to stock up on the easiest-drinking coffee around, brewed for the hardest workers in the nation. Our coffee is firefighter-tested and guaranteed to give you a bold flavor and an instant boost — morning, noon or late into the night. At the end of your shift, you might want to treat yourself to one of our newest creations....

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Three Simple Methods for Making Amazing Cold Brew at Home

There's nothing quite like that first cup of coffee. The sun is rising, the day is ahead, and that warm cup of joe is something to look forward to each morning. However, let’s be honest, coffee is essential to jump start our mornings. Rather than stand in line at the local coffee shop for an iced coffee this summer, shake up your morning with a Cold Brew recipe by Fire Department Coffee. The best part about FDC Cold Brew is that you don't have to buy any fancy new equipment. FDC Cold Brew recipes and methods can be made with items you already have at home. How does one make Cold Brew? I'm glad you asked. Here are three simple...

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The Most Patriotic Thing To Do This July

Here at Fire Dept. Coffee our mission has always been about more than just making the easiest drinking coffee for the working class. Ever since Day 1, we've been on a mission to make positive change by giving back to our local communities. That is why we're incredibly excited to announce our partnership with the Dallas-based nonprofit, Sons of the Flag, to help aide burn survivors and raise funding for cutting-edge burn treatment and technology. According to a report published by the US National Library of Medicine, the price for ongoing burn injury treatments can become expensive quickly. The average cost of treatment, assuming there are no complications, can be over $88,000 and sums can easily reach more than $717,000!...

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