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5 Reasons why Firefighters and Paramedics don’t run into emergency calls

It is often the assumption of the general public that Firefighters and Paramedics should be running up to the scene or patient on an emergency call. Here’s 5 reasons why we don’t... Anytime there is an emergency, there is often chaos and emotions are high. Time is of the essence and it’s our job to make split second decisions on what we’re going to do next. We are forming our general impression, calculating risks, and sizing up the scene.  Anxiety is contagious. We learn to adapt. That doesn’t mean we are immune to the stresses of the horror we see on a day to day. There is sometimes people screaming and yelling for us to do what we may or...

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Coffee Innovation Redefined: The Spirit Infused Coffee Line

Here at Fire Dept. Coffee, we strive to not only provide the best tasting, easiest drinking coffee you’ve ever had, we also strive to be at the cutting edge of coffee innovation. That is why we are excited to officially announce our brand new Spirit Infused Coffee Line. With a revolutionary process unlike anything done before, the Spirit Infused Coffee is set to redefine coffee innovation across the coffee industry.   For it's flagship release, we will be featuring three different infused coffees: bourbon, tequila, and rum infused, each with their own unique flavors and aroma. The process used to create these coffees is groundbreaking! Unlike cask barrel aged coffee which can have a powerful and harsh flavor from the...

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FDC Partners with the Paddy Brown Program

  Fire Department Coffee Partners with the Paddy Brown Program to Support Veterans The premium coffee brand will donate a portion of their profits to aid veterans making the transition back into civilian life. Fire Department Coffee will donate 10% of all proceeds to the Paddy Brown Program from February 15, 2017 – March 15, 2017. The Paddy Brown Program offers veterans increased access to employment and professional development opportunities in the first responder sector.Veteran owned Fire Department Coffee is a small batch roaster that pairs strong values with strong coffee. Through the Paddy Brown Program, they will help other veterans make the complex transition into post military life.“At the core of our company is a commitment to giving back...

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Does Dark Roast Coffee Have Less Caffeine?

At Fire Department Coffee, we can appreciate different varieties of coffee from different regions. We’ve spent years crafting the perfect blends using the best beans from all over the world. The focus is to highlight the different qualities in each bean we use. Coffees can have different characteristics depending on how they were processed and roasted. In the case of most coffee beans from the Indonesian region, it is our humble opinion that they are best roasted dark. We have had many requests to do a dark roast. When our FDC family speaks, we listen. For the last few months, we have been testing many coffees from Indonesia. With much pride, we are excited to share this coffee with you....

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Growing Stronger With Every Cup

We just passed our first year in business and we’re beyond excited to tell you about some pretty cool things that are happening right now. It’s been a great year to say the least. The incredible amount of support we have gotten from so many amazing people and organizations has just blown our minds. We had no idea when we started PI Coffee Roasters that it would evolve and grow so quickly. It really is because of the tremendous amount of people who believed in us and what we are doing. We are truly grateful. Why the name change? We decided that we wanted to make it our goal to become the first ever coffee company made specifically for the...

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