Best affogato recipe

Best Affogato Recipe with Irish Whiskey Infused Coffee

November 18, 2020

Wanna try the very best affogato recipe? Your quest is over, my friend! 

And don’t worry: the fact that ‘affogato’ means drowned in Italian doesn’t refer to your sorrows. It’s simply because you’ll drown the ice cream in a rich shot of espresso. 

Thanks to its sweet combination of alcohol and ice cream, affogato is an incredibly versatile treat. You can either have it as a luscious cocktail or serve it as an exotic dessert after dinner.

Even better, surprise your guests with our special secret ingredient: an espresso made with Irish whiskey-infused coffee to double up on the flavor of your shot of liqueur.

We can hear you drool from here!

Best affogato recipe with Egan’s whiskey & spirit-infused coffee

Best affogato cocktail recipe

Luckily, affogatos are really simple to make and only require three ingredients. However, trust us: a few little tricks can make all the difference!

To prepare the very best affogato, you’ll need:

  • A shot of espresso brewed using our exclusive Irish Whiskey infused coffee
  • A scoop of vanilla ice cream
  • A shot of Egan’s Irish Whiskey
  • A spoon

1. Leave the ice cream out of the freezer before you begin

Before you do anything else, we recommend taking the ice cream out of the freezer so that it’s not super cold and tough by the time you need to scoop it out. 

We’re not underestimating your strength! It’s just that, if the ice cream is too frozen, the espresso shot will also start to freeze and it’ll compromise the final flavor of your affogato.

Affogato with vanilla ice cream

2. Brew a strong shot of Irish whiskey-infused espresso

Go to your faithful espresso machine and, using our Irish Whiskey infused beans or grounds, brew a large shot of espresso.

Haven’t got an espresso machine at home? Just try one of our cheeky tricks to make espresso without one.

3. Mix all the ingredients

Affogato with espresso

Add a large scoop of vanilla ice cream to a tumbler-style glass and ‘drown it’ with your espresso shot.

You can then top up the glass with some Egan’s Irish whiskey.

For the fanciest presentation, tap the ice cream with a spoon and twirl it slightly so that its top gets coated in coffee and liqueur, too. Looks pretty awesome, right?

Affogato cocktail

Don’t forget that, as well as to make the best affogato recipe, our Irish whiskey-infused coffee is incredibly delicious on its own.

Made with Fire Dept. Coffee’s unique proprietary process, it retains all the sweet vanilla and butterscotch notes of Egan’s Irish whiskey with none of the alcohol. That’s right: it’s absolutely fine to have our Irish whiskey-infused coffee as your first drink in the morning!

Plus, it’s great for lots of other cocktail recipes, too. Switch from barista to bartender by trying our Very Very Irish Coffee, Boozy Shakerato and Cold Fashioned recipes.

Irish Whiskey infused coffee

You can get our Irish Whiskey-infused coffee delivered straight to your door either as whole beans or grounds.

Or, if you’re planning on trying all the other cocktails after mastering the best affogato recipe, why not get it as a subscription, so that you won’t risk running out of it?


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