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Canister to store coffee grounds or beans correctly and keep coffee fresh

How to Store Coffee: Tips & Tricks to Keep Your Coffee Fresh

July 17, 2021

Fridge? Freezer? A glass container on your countertop? The best way to store coffee beans is probably not what you think!

Why is coffee storage so important?

Once coffee is roasted and, especially, ground, it slowly starts losing its trapped CO2 and, with it, the precious volatile compounds that are responsible for its flavor nuances. 

Basically, fresh means super-tasty in the coffee world!

The longer you leave it, the staler it becomes. 

Correctly stored coffee beans

That’s why at Fire Dept. Coffee we always roast our coffee to order and send it ASAP, usually within the same day.

However, coffee that’s only a few days ‘old’ could taste worse if it’s not stored properly. 

Air, heat, moisture and light speed up the degassing process. If you want to learn how to store coffee beans and grounds correctly, you must always remember to protect them from these four evil agents. 

Now let’s see exactly how to keep coffee fresh for longer.

Can you freeze coffee? 

This is the most popular question that we receive when it comes to how to store coffee beans, so let’s tackle it first: yes, technically you can freeze coffee, but we really, really don’t recommend doing so. 

Oxygen will still find its way in and you’ll end up with a build-up of moisture that will compromise the flavor of your beans. 

The only instance in which we’d tell you to freeze coffee (beans or grounds) is if you’ve bought too much and it’d take you months to go through it.

In that case, the best option is to place it in an airtight container or, even better, to vacuum bag it. Either way, take out only the quantity that you need every single time and never, ever refreeze your thawed coffee.

Man drinking a cup of joe after incorrectly storing coffee in the fridge

Can you keep coffee in the fridge?

Let’s be clear: you can keep coffee in the fridge just because it’d take us too long to run to your house and throw it out, but you really shouldn’t. 

Every time you open your fridge door you’ll cause a temperature change that will lead to a dangerous buildup of moisture. 

Plus, since coffee is a deodorizer, it will also absorb your food smells. Yuck!

So, what’s the best way to store coffee beans & grounds?

The best way to store coffee beans or grounds is in an opaque and airtight container kept away from direct sunlight, heat and moisture. 

Choose coffee storage solutions in materials that don’t impact its precious flavors (for example, ceramic, non-reactive metal, or glass). Unfortunately, plastic can absorb odors overtime. 

Coffee grounds stored correctly in an opacque canister

As for the location of your canisters or jars, cabinets or pantries are the safest choice, especially if you’ve opted for glass. 

Alternatively, you can keep opaque options on your countertops, as long as they’re away from direct sunlight (you really don’t want them to warm up!).

Finally, here’s a thing that we easily forget about: heat. Precisely? Your oven and hobs. If your cabinet is too close to them, your coffee won’t be as safe as you think.

How to store coffee pods

Storing coffee pods is easy! Many single-serve coffee makers include coffee storage options but, if yours doesn’t, just keep them in a cool dry place and away from direct sunlight.

Just a little problem: now that you know how to store coffee beans, grounds and pods correctly (and, most importantly, why it’s vital to do so), you’ll die inside a little every time you spot a bag of coffee in your friends’ fridge.

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