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Is Black Coffee Good for You? Black Coffee Benefits & How To Drink It

Is Black Coffee Good for You? Black Coffee Benefits & How To Drink It

November 18, 2020

Occasionally, it’s refreshing to try different types of milky or frothy options but, as a general rule, we think you should drink black coffee.

If that’s what everyone else has been telling you but you’re not sure why or perhaps you’re convinced but don’t feel ready to make the switch, we’re about to spill the beans.

What are the benefits of drinking coffee black?

There are many benefits of drinking coffee black, with our favorite being flavor. It’s by drinking black coffee that you get to taste all the nuances that make each blend unique since cream and sugar will dull them.

Another of the benefits of drinking black coffee is practicality, especially when you make coffee on the go, on holiday or when camping. No need to bring milk, sugar or sachets: you can just brew it and enjoy it.

Black coffee being poured out of a thermos

Finally, another top reason concerns...

… The health benefits of black coffee: why is black coffee good for you?

Black coffee is oh-so-good for you because it comes with many health benefits, ranging from fat reduction to lower risk of type 2 diabetes and the prevention of many liver diseases. 

In fact, most of the health benefits of coffee only apply when it’s consumed black!

After all, you can’t really talk about burning fats and lower risk of diabetes if spoonfuls of sugar and gallons of cream are involved.

Convinced? Thought so.

How to switch to black coffee

If you’ve been adding cream or sugar (or both) for years, switching to black coffee might not come naturally so don’t be too harsh on yourself if your first mug tastes... challenging. 

1. Reduce your milk, cream and sugar gradually

If going cold turkey didn’t work, do it one step at a time. For example, if you take both cream or milk and sugar, start by getting rid of the latter, perhaps by adding fewer and smaller spoonfuls every time. 

Once you’ve adjusted to that, it’s time to do the same with cream or milk.

2. Consider different brewing methods

Maybe it’s not that you don’t like black coffee: it’s simply that it doesn’t taste very nice when you brew it with your old dripper or when you use the wrong grind size for your French press. 

Black coffee being poured out of a French press

Consider checking our tips on how to make coffee with an automatic dripper, a French press, or a manual pour over to improve the taste of your black coffee.

3. Experiment to find the right blend

Not all black coffee is created equal… and that’s the best part! 

Because black java allows you to taste the actual flavor of each type of coffee, you might need to find the right beans for you first. 

For example, start by looking at the differences between roasts. If you prefer fruitier flavors but a thinner body, opt for a lighter roast; for caramel-like or chocolaty nuances and a stronger body, go darker. Something more balanced? Medium roasts.

At Fire Dept. Coffee we offer a wide range of blends for everyone’s taste. If you’re now excited to try different types of single-origin beans, we recommend our Coffee of the Month Club.

Some of Fire Dept. Coffee's blends, perfect to start drinking coffee black

4. Take the time to appreciate the flavors

If, in the past, you’ve tried chugging down half a mug of black coffee and didn’t like it (trust us: you’ll get there!), sip it instead. Savor it! Can you maybe recognize any flavor nuances? 

It might take you a week or two to get used to it but, honestly, drinking black coffee is the best way to make the most of each roast. You can trust us: we roast and drink lots of coffee!

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