Fire Department Coffee
Blackberry Bourbon Infused Coffee

Take a Sip on the Dark Side with Blackberry Bourbon Infused Coffee

September 20, 2021

Some people take their coffee black. That’s cool.

But have you tried taking it Black...berry Bourbon Infused? That’s even better.

Our newest Spirit-Infused Roast, Blackberry Bourbon Infused Coffee, delivers the powerful jolt of caffeine with a taste that will always have you looking forward to your next cup.

As always, whether that cup comes at 7am or 7pm or any other time, it’s perfectly safe to drink on the road or on the job. That’s because the alcohol content of the spirits has been removed during the roasting process. All that remains is the taste you crave.

A Memorable Roast Made with Real Premium Bourbon

When we select our coffee beans, we use only high-quality beans harvested ethically from premier coffee-growing destinations around the world. When we infuse our coffee, we take the same approach to selecting the spirits.

There’s nothing artificial about Fire Department Coffee. So bourbon lovers can expect the real deal. 

You can’t always enjoy the experience of drinking your favorite bourbon whenever you want, but with Blackberry Bourbon Infused Coffee, the time is anytime you want and the place is anywhere you happen to be.

And if you liked our Black Cherry Bourbon Infused Coffee, you’re going to love this one.

Blackberry Bourbon Infused Coffee. Take Sip on the Dark Side.

Vanilla, Blackberry and Pure Coffee Bliss

When you brew this Spirit-Infused roast for the first time, take a moment to breathe deeply and appreciate the aroma. It will fill the room and build your anticipation.

Begin to pour and admire the rich brown color that fills your cup. Blackberry Bourbon Infused Coffee is a medium roast that contains no sugar and will satisfy a wide range of coffee aficionados. Tip back your cup and you’ll detect just the slightest hint of vanilla from the bourbon.

You can’t miss the taste of blackberry. These distinct notes give this coffee its signature profile. You’ll know that the taste is as real and sweet as fresh-picked blackberries from the vine.

This delicious roast comes in 12-ounce bags, ground or whole bean, to ensure that you have the Spirit Infused coffee experience you deserve.

You might still like to take your coffee black. But you’re also going to love taking it Blackberry Bourbon Infused.

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