Why Drink Decaf Coffee

Why Drink Decaf Coffee - Don't Snob It!

November 18, 2020

We know what you must be thinking right now: why drink decaf coffee when you can have the real thing? Actually, there are quite a few reasons!

While nothing can replace the coveted energy boost of a caffeinated cup of joe when you have a long day ahead, decaf coffee can be a blessing in other situations.

Find out why you shouldn’t snob it, but let us clarify something first. 

How is decaf coffee made?

How is decaf coffee made

Decaf coffee is made by removing at least 97% of caffeine from the beans, which can be done in two different ways: solvent or water decaffeination.

Solvent decaffeination

Popular with larger roasters, this method relies on carbon dioxide or other chemicals that act as a solvent to remove the caffeine from the coffee beans.

Not only does this involve chemicals (duh), but it also compromises the final flavor of your coffee by stripping precious compounds from the beans.

Have you ever had a bad experience when drinking decaf coffee or heard a horror story about it? We can pretty much guarantee that it’s because of this method!

Water decaffeination

With water acting as a solvent, this more natural method spares you from contact with unnecessary chemicals and results in an enhanced taste: while caffeine is removed through filtration, the flavor compounds stay in the water.

Water decaffeination is obviously the only method that we use at Fire Dept Coffee. 

The benefits of drinking decaf coffee

Now that we’re on the same page about which type of decaf is better for you and your taste buds, let’s discover its perks.

Decaf coffee benefits

1. You won’t struggle to sleep

If you love coffee for its bold taste rather than just its caffeine pick-me-up, you might want to enjoy it after dinner or while watching a movie before going to bed. With decaf, this won’t be followed by hours awake in bed staring at the ceiling and regretting your decision.

2. It won’t worsen your anxiety

If you suffer from anxiety, too much caffeine will send your body in alarm-mode even faster! When you miss the taste of your java but are already feeling a bit stressed or anxious, choose decaf instead.

3. It won’t interact with certain medications

Since caffeine can negatively affect specific medications, why risk it if you’re taking them? Just reward yourself with a harmless cup of decaffeinated coffee, instead.

4. It won’t upset your sensitive stomach 

Do you suffer from conditions like acid reflux or heartburn? Then caffeine can be your Kryptonite! However, thanks to its decaffeinated brother, that doesn’t mean that you’re cursed from ever enjoying coffee again! 

5. It’s a safer bet if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding

Since you shouldn’t have more than 200 mg of caffeine per day in these conditions, why risk it? 

6. You still get to enjoy most of normal coffee’s perks

No caffeine might mean no energy boost, but that doesn’t automatically cancel out all the other benefits of drinking coffee! While they’re around 15% lower, decaf coffee still contains healthy antioxidants and nutrients like potassium, magnesium or vitamin B. These are known to reduce liver enzyme levels, as well as the risk of type 2 diabetes and even of certain forms of cancer. Some studies have shown that, just like its hyperactive brother, decaffeinated coffee has a positive effect on age-related mental decline and mental performances. So, guess what? Decaf coffee can still give you a concentration boost!

Fire Dept Coffee - Best Decaf Coffee

Now that you’ve learned all about why drinking decaf coffee is good for you, start making the most of it! Get some of our medium roast decaf coffee delivered to you: always water processed, of course.

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