Dr. Squatch Natural Soap Donates $15,000 to the FDC Foundation

Dr. Squatch Natural Soap Donates $15,000 to the FDC Foundation

September 02, 2020

You thought coffee was just for drinking?

Think again.

We’re excited to announce that the Fire Dept. Coffee Foundation recently received a $15,000 contribution from Dr. Squatch Natural Soap. That figure represents a portion of proceeds from its bar soap, Cold Brew Cleanse, made with Fire Dept. Coffee.

This all-natural soap promises to “energize your shower, jump-start your skin, and supercharge your day with a blend of shea butter, salt, kaoilin clay and some top-notch Fire Dept. Coffee beans.”

We want to thank the Dr. Squatch team and their incredible customers for making this donation possible. It will go a long way toward providing essential support and resources for ill or injured first responders and their families.

It’s also an amazing example of two like-minded organizations joining together, not just to create an exceptional product, but also to make a real difference in the lives of first responders.

The Dr. Squatch story starts with humble beginnings. The founder, Jack, began creating all-natural soap recipes in his garage. His friends tried it, loved it, and the venture took off from there.

Obviously, we highly recommend the Cold Brew Cleanse. With a five-star rating after more than 700 reviews, you know that it’s the real deal. It’s gonna wake you up, clean you up and get you ready for that first cup of your favorite Fire Dept. Coffee. 

But you can also try out 10 other natural bar soaps with names Pine Tar, Nautical Sage and Bay Rum, plus a variety of other hygiene products.

Not only that, Dr. Squatch offers a 10% discount for military personnel, first responders and medical personnel.

And if all of that isn’t enough, their website is absolutely hilarious. If you enjoy the gut-busting videos from our friends at Fire Department Chronicles, you’re going to love the videos from Dr. Squatch.

So check it out and support our heroes by lathering up with Cold Brew Cleanse.

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