Looking Back on Our Foundation’s Year of Service

Looking Back on Our Foundation’s Year of Service

February 02, 2021

One of our biggest goals for 2020 was to expand the impact that the Fire Department Coffee Foundation could have to improve the lives of injured or ill first responders and their families.

And while 2020 was the kind of year that laughs at all your plans, we’re so fortunate to say that we achieved our goal of helping more of our heroes in the moments they needed us most. And we did it thanks to the support and generosity of our amazing Fire Dept. Coffee customers.

As many of you know, the Fire Department Coffee Foundation is a 501(c)3 charitable organization that, among other gifts, directs 10% of Fire Dept. Coffee’s net proceeds to organizations supporting first responders in need. 

Last year, between monetary donations, products and gift cards, our foundation sent more than $26,000 worth of donations to more than 180 organizations, families and special events.

We donated to the Firefighter Cancer Support Network, which is near and dear to our hearts because of the help they provided our own chief roaster, David McWilliams, during his battle with cancer. 

We contributed to the Tommy Cullen Foundation, an amazing organization founded in honor of one of our fallen heroes from 9/11.

Donation of $5,500 to the Tommy Cullen Foundation.

We directed financial assistance to the North Carolina First Responder Peer Support Team, the New Jersey Firefighters Mutual Benevolent Association, the FDNY EMS Help Fund and the SUPERHEROES Foundation.

And thanks to our amazing customers, we were also able to support dozens of other causes from the Anchorage Fire Department to the Vets to Vets United Fundraiser. 

Firefighter's jacket on the bumper of a fire truck.

Giving back is part of our mission here, and we are so proud to have built a community of dedicated, coffee-loving men and women who care deeply about supporting those in need and being there when they need us. It’s a tribute to their service and sacrifice — and it’s an honor for us to give back.

We are so grateful for everyone who helped make it possible. Let’s keep it going in the new year. If we can do so much in a year like 2020, imagine what we can do this year.

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