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Craft Coffee for All: From Donut Shop Coffee to Bourbon-Infused Coffee & Beyond

Craft Coffee for All: From Donut Shop Coffee to Bourbon-Infused Coffee & Beyond

September 24, 2021

A great cup of coffee is a work of art.

And like all fine art, it can be subjective. Some people love Picasso, some people gravitate toward Monet.

Some people love Donut Shop Coffee, some people can’t get enough Bourbon-Infused Coffee. So yes, we consider ourselves craft coffee artists. We pour our heart and soul into every roast.

This is our job, and we love it. And we keep coming to work every day and crafting more coffee because we know that coffee lovers are always looking for their next amazing cup of coffee.

Our process is one of experimentation and exploration, searching until we find the taste that we believe our customers are going to love. 

But some parts of the process never change. 

 Fire Department Coffee, Handcrafted Coffee

Fire Department Coffee is now available at all Meijer store in Illinois.

Coffee Roasting Perfection Thanks to Post-Roast Blending

Our high quality coffee is the result of a handpicked combination of extraordinary varietals selected from top coffee growers from around the world. 

We always roast each type of coffee bean separately because each varietal calls for a unique approach to roasting to bring out the optimal flavor profile. It’s a precise dance of time and temperature, syncing up perfectly to produce something truly special.

The roast is all about craftsmanship and precision. The artistry is in the blending.

Post-roast blending is the process in which we bring all of those unique flavor profiles together to create something that is greater than the sum of its parts. Arriving at each new blend is a time-consuming process, but this step cannot be skipped.

Experience can get you there faster, but we never rush. No coffee ever makes it into a bag with our label on it without achieving a consistent taste that we are proud to call our own.

We make craft coffee for all kinds of coffee lovers, and we take pride in pushing the boundaries. And then pushing them a little further.

 Spirit Infused Coffee, Gourmet Coffee

The Pioneers of Spirit-Infused Coffee

Fire Dept. Coffee long ago became the first in our industry to combine the taste of high-quality coffee beans with the subtle (and occasionally not-so-subtle) notes of the finest spirits.

These non-alcoholic blends — the alcohol cooks out in the roasting process — are the result of our signature spirit-infusion process, which allows us to strike the perfect balance for an optimal flavor profile.

What began with Bourbon-Infused Coffee, Whiskey-Infused Coffee, Rum-Infused Coffee and Tequila-Infused Coffee has evolved to feature an ever-expanding collection of limited-edition roasts that our customers rave about.

Our Spirit-Infused Coffee Club was created to give spirit-infused coffee lovers a new treat, delivered to their doorstep each month.

Among our limited-edition and Spirit-Infused Coffee Club roasts have been Black Cherry Bourbon Infused Coffee, Vanilla Bean Bourbon Infused Coffee, Old Fashioned Infused Coffee and a lot more.

Of course, it’s not just our Spirit-Infused Coffees that customers can get with a monthly subscription.

 Coffee of the Month Club from Fire Department Coffee

Coffee of the Month Club Offers Single Origin Coffee from Around the World

There are those who find one type of coffee and are perfectly content to fill their cup with it every morning without fail.

Then there are those who find their greatest coffee pleasures in exploring new tastes and traveling the world by way of their favorite coffee mug. 

For those people, we created our Coffee of the Month Club. Each month, we send them a memorable new single-origin coffee along with the story behind it. We let them know where the beans are grown, by whom and at what elevations. We share when they are harvested, how they are processed and what tasting notes they can expect.

Recent Coffee of the Month Club roasts have been made with beans from Indonesia, Ethiopia, Jamaica and Rwanda. The world’s premier coffee-growing regions are well represented, along with a selection of lesser-known locales that produce coffee beans that are unmatched anywhere in the world.

We only hope that our customers enjoy their monthly coffees as much as we enjoy seeking out and curating the selections.

 Donut Shop Flavored Coffee from Fire Department Coffee

Because Donut Shop Coffee Deserves More Than Just One Flavor

Sometimes the best part about a trip to an actual donut shop is choosing between all the enticing options behind the counter.

And yet, most coffee brands offer one flavor of donut shop coffee.

Not Fire Dept. Coffee.

Our original Donut Shop Coffee roast became so popular that we couldn’t stop there. Now, browsing our Donut Shop Coffee page is like walking through the doors of the donut shop and trying to pick out your favorites.

You could go with the original. It’s just as good as ever, and soon it will come in convenient coffee pods.

Then there’s Vanilla Sprinkle Donut Shop Coffee and Double Chocolate Donut Shop Coffee. There’s even Blueberry Cake Donut Shop Coffee and Red Velvet Donut Shop Coffee.

What we’re saying is, there is something for everyone — craft coffee for everyone.

Though we all love coffee, we’ve all got different tastes. And at Fire Dept. Coffee, we want to make sure that everyone can find one or two or 12 roasts that they absolutely love.

When you buy Fire Department Coffee you're supporting a veteran-owned business as well as local and national first responders, as we give back to help those who have become sick and injured while on the job.

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Fire Department Coffee is now available at all IL Meijer locations.
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