Fire Department Coffee
Fire Department Coffee is now available at all IL Meijer locations.

Fire Department Coffee Hits the Shelves in Meijer Stores Across Illinois

September 29, 2021

Fire Department Coffee products are now on the shelves at Meijer stores across the great state of Illinois.

So you can find your favorite brand of specialty coffee while you stock up on milk, bread, meat, veggies and all your usual grocery store staples.

We are thrilled to partner with this iconic Midwestern retailer to make it easier and more convenient for our customers in Illinois to find delicious, locally roasted coffee at a moment’s notice. Meijer carries three of our most popular blends, including Medium Roast, Dark Roast and Skull-Crushing Espresso. The Medium and Dark roasts are sold as ground coffee, while the espresso is available in whole bean coffee.

“We are very excited to partner with Meijer to make our coffee available in their stores,” Fire Dept. Coffee president and founder Luke Schneider said. “Those who already enjoy Fire Dept. Coffee will be able to pick up our coffee on their regular shopping trips. This will also help introduce us to even more people who haven’t discovered Fire Dept. Coffee yet.”

 Luke Schneider and Family at Rockford, IL Meijer

High-Quality Rockford-Roasted Coffee Meets a Midwest Superstore

Meijer is among the top 25 largest retailers in the United States and operates two dozen stores in Illinois, with additional locations in Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Wisconsin. Stores offer a full range of grocery items, as well as general merchandise that covers everything from clothing and jewelry to sporting goods and office supplies. 

Fire Dept. Coffee is veteran-owned and operated primarily by a team of active and retired firefighters and veterans. Every bag of coffee is roasted at the company’s headquarters in Rockford, Illinois.

The three roasts that Meijer will initially stock represent some of our most popular roasts with the broadest appeal. 

Fire Department Coffee is now available at all IL Meijer stores.

It’s an opportunity to satisfy the immediate cravings of coffee lovers and, hopefully, pique their interests to explore Fire Dept. Coffee’s complete collection of more than a dozen unique and carefully crafted roasts, including our signature line of Spirit-Infused Coffee that incorporates the tastes of fine spirits such as bourbon, whiskey, rum, tequila and more.

When planning your route through the store during your Meijer shopping trip, we recommend heading directly to the coffee aisle first. This approach has multiple benefits. 

First, you eliminate the risk of forgetting the coffee. You do not want to forget the coffee. You know this.

Second, throughout the rest of your shopping adventure, you can reach out, pick up the bag and breathe in the incredible aroma whenever you feel the urge. It smells incredible and it will motivate you to complete your shopping mission quickly and efficiently so you can get home and brew that first cup.

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