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NASCAR at Circuits of the Americas
Race Weekend Recap: Driving Recognition for a Community Hero

March 27, 2023

Fire Dept. Coffee was on hand this weekend for the NASCAR Pit Boss 250 and the NHRA Arizona Nationals, where we recognized our Community Hero.

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Overhead photo of tools in a drawer.
American Mechanics: Keeping the Wheels Moving

March 20, 2023

Mechanics are the unsung heroes of the American workforce. They work behind the scenes and under the hood to ensure that the vehicles and machines that power our nation are running smoothly and efficiently. 

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Jason Patton pouring coffee from a fire truck into a mug Firefighter Fenton is holding.
Sláinte! A St. Paddy’s Day Toast to First Responders

March 16, 2023 1 Comment

We hope you’ll join us at 3 PM ET on St. Paddy’s Day because we’re hosting our first ever live Virtual Coffee Toast on Facebook and Instagram. It’s our way to celebrate first responders on a day that is one of the busiest — and most interesting — days of the year.

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