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November 19, 2021

When you look good, you feel good. You work harder, and you get more done.

The entire day is just better. It all starts when you wake up, have your morning coffee and pick out what you’re going to wear.

If you’re a firefighter — or you support first responders — you probably own at least one firefighter shirt. When you wear it, those are good days.

The firefighter T-shirt has become its own category of apparel within our crew. For the Fire Dept. Coffee team, the firefighter shirt represents roughly 93% of our entire shirt wardrobe.

We also like a hoodie because sometimes we get cold. But usually, we’re also wearing a firefighter T-shirt underneath.

It’s in the spirit of this bold fashion statement that Fire Dept. Coffee has over the years developed a complete line of firefighter shirts. Each one is unique and creates its own statement. Yet each one lets the person wearing it express the same strong sense of pride in the fire service.

We’ve also worked hard to produce shirts that offer the perfect fit for anyone who wears it. It’s the type of shirt that will have people asking, “Have you been working out?”

 Firefighter shirts

What Does Your Firefighter T-Shirt Say About You?

Even in the fire station, we all have different styles. We recognize that, and so we’ve set out to make shirts for everyone.

We’ve got shirts for patriotic firefighters, salty firefighters and old-school firefighters.

Of course, we’ve got shirts to rep female firefighters, EMTs and any first responder who knows what it means to be the walking dead before your first cup of coffee.

The point is, the firefighter T-shirt (or hoodie!) is a versatile piece of apparel. At Fire Dept. Coffee, we’re proud to represent our brothers and sisters in the fire service. We have long bonded over the bold coffee we roast to get us through the long shifts.

Now we also bond over the shirts that let everyone know we’re part of this awesome community.

 Fire Department Coffee, Firefighter Shirts

Wildland Firefighter Shirts Pay Homage a Different Breed

When most folks think of firefighters, they think of the engine arriving on the scene and the brave crew rushing into the burning building.

Wildland firefighters are something else altogether — and now we’ve designed a new Wildland Firefighter Shirt in their honor. 

The shirt pays our respects to the courageous and heroic men and women who wage war against wildfires and other blazes that can destroy acres of natural areas, not to mention homes and businesses.

And the design is pretty incredible, too.

The heathered olive green shirt features a wildland firefighter skill design, complemented by the tools of the wildland trade — drip torch, chainsaw, shovel, and an ax.

No matter what type of firefighter you are or what you want to show your respect for, you’ll find a firefighter shirt to make your statement.

And you’ll find a community of like-minded (and fashionable) people that appreciate your sense of style.

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