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Four Days of Fun at FDIC International

Four Days of Fun at FDIC International

August 24, 2021 1 Comment

We can’t remember the last time we’ve had this much fun.

Fire Dept. Coffee invaded FDIC International this August in Indianapolis and … shenanigans ensued.

We spent four days hanging out with amazing, hardworking fire and rescue professionals from around the world. We drank coffee together, we took pictures, and we cracked jokes. 

If you were there, you know how cool it was, and it was awesome hanging out with you. If you weren’t there, well, mark your calendars because it’s happening again in April 2022.

Where Fun and Firefighting Come Together

We brought the heavy hitters for this one. Our President Luke Schneider and Vice President Jason Patton were there. Firefighter Fenton joined us, along with other key members of our team.

The folks at FDIC hooked us up with a prime spot right at the main entrance. We got to spend time with the legend, Chief Bobby Halton, who is the Education Director at FDIC. He’s also been a long-time supporter of Fire Dept. Coffee. It was an honor to have him take time out of his busy schedule at this signature event to hang out with us.

Fire Department Coffee, Chief Bobby Hall, Jason Patton, Firefighter Fenton

We also got to visit with thousands of dedicated men and women who came through the doors.

We served up coffee by the gallon, handing out nitro cold brew samples of our Irish Whiskey Infused Coffee and hot espresso samples of our Skull-Crushing Espresso

Jason and Firefighter Fenton did interviews with a few industry-leading podcasts, so stay tuned for those. They also took pictures with guests and signed autographs on thousands of T-shirts over the course of the four days. People actually lined up and waited to meet them.

Their heads grew three sizes in four days, friends. They’re going to be impossible to live with, but it was totally worth it.

Jason Patton, Firefighter Fenton, Fire Dept. Coffee, Photos with Fans.

A Community of Firefighters and Coffee Lovers

We left Indianapolis feeling more energized than when we arrived. Sure, some of that can be attributed to all the coffee we consumed. But mostly, it was because we fed off the energy of all the attendees.

The fire and rescue professionals who attended the event were there to learn and to become better, smarter, more prepared first responders. When they left, communities all around the world became safer places. 

These are people we are proud to serve. Many of them went home with bags of Fire Dept. Coffee to share with their crews back home. We know because we sold out of nearly everything we brought with us.

Cheers to everyone we met. We can’t wait to do it again in April.

Jason Patton, Firefighter Fenton, FDIC International 2021.

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Wendy L Wiegand
Wendy L Wiegand

August 29, 2021

Thanks for the update! Great Coffee and Great Gatherings are the perfect combination to recharge First Responders’ batteries! Consider posting it on Instagram to get the word out to more people, especially after Fire Season.

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