Get the Calendar that Helps Our Heroes All Year

Get the Calendar that Helps Our Heroes All Year

October 09, 2018

If you’re reading this before your first cup of coffee, we know what you’re probably thinking: What day is this?

It’s true that a delicious cup of Fire Dept. Coffee can jolt you back to reality. You know what else works?

A calendar.

Now we’ve got you covered, either way. We’re excited to introduce our new 2019 calendar, created along with our friends at Fire Department Chronicles. It’s available right now, for just $19.99.

The best part? All proceeds go to benefit our new Fire Dept. Coffee Foundation, created to support firefighters and other first responders in need.

It’s a seriously great cause, but this calendar was seriously fun to make. Anything we do with Jason Patton and the team at Fire Department Chronicles is guaranteed to bring plenty of laughs and good times.

And you’re guaranteed to get a smile out of it every day.

The holidays are coming, and these calendars make a great gift. But they’re going to go fast.

You need one. Your firehouse needs one. Your police station, office, whatever. Your dad needs one. Your mom. That one friend who really never knows what day it is. He needs one, too.



Sure, you can admire the calendar guys and girls each month when you flip the page. But we couldn’t resist throwing in a little challenge for you.

In each picture, we’ve hidden a bag of Fire Dept. Coffee.

Some of them, you might find pretty quickly. Others you’ll have to look much more closely. But for each one you find, you’ll get … the immense personal satisfaction that comes with finding a small bag of coffee hidden in a photo.

And that’s just priceless.



Just $19.99.

That’s a great price for a calendar this good, but it’s even better to know where that money is going. We created the Fire Dept. Coffee Foundation as a 501(c)(3) organization so we could use our growing community to help our heroes when they need us most.

Every cent you pay for your 2019 calendar will go to organizations that support firefighters and other first responders injured on the job — mentally or physically — or those facing serious illnesses.

Our heroes are there for us whenever we need them. They don’t hesitate, they don’t think twice. They just go where the call sends them and do whatever it takes.

So we’ll do whatever it takes to give back. We know you will, too.

And, hey, you get an awesome calendar, too.

2019 Calendar

Get The Calendar


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