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Where to Stick Your Fire Dept. Coffee Sticker Packs

November 19, 2021

It’s like a social media post but in the real world.

We’ve created our signature Sticker Packs because the stickers say something about who we are and what we believe in. 

And sometimes they’re just for fun. 

But all the time, they give us a chance to make a statement to anyone who lays eyes on the stickers we slap onto our favorite items. We’ve got firefighter stickers, skull stickers and coffee stickers. We’re always coming up with new ones, and our Sticker Club keeps them heading your way every month.

So the question becomes … where do I put my stickers?
The answer? Just about anywhere.

We’ve been doing this for a while, and we’ve seen some pretty creative sticker displays. Here are a few ideas:

  • Your helmet
  • Your car or truck
  • Your cooler or lunchbox
  • Your coffee mug, tumbler or water bottle
  • Your laptop or tablet
  • Your cellphone case
  • Your locker
  • Your toolbox
  • Your cabinets
  • Your whiteboard

And this probably goes without saying but you can’t go wrong with slapping your Fire Dept. Coffee stickers on your coffeemaker. And we’re not talking about on the forehead of that rookie who doesn’t know his nose from a firehose. We’re talking about your actual coffee-making apparatus.

Firefighter Stickers - Fire Helmet

Firefighter Stickers: So You Can Represent in Style

We’re firefighters here. It’s our first love and, for many of us, it’s our mission in life. 

We’re proud of it, and we want everyone to know it.

Even if you’re not a firefighter, we know that 100% of Fire Dept. Coffee drinkers are firefighter supporters. You’re part of this awesome team, and we are absolutely honored when you display our firefighter stickers.

Anywhere and everywhere. 

So whether you’re showing off our Vintage Firefighter Sticker, our Thin Red Line Flag Sticker, our Halligan sticker, our Female Firefighter Sticker or any other firefighter sticker, we love to see it.

Firefighter Stickers - Fire Truck


Fire Dept. Coffee Skull Stickers: For Those Who Feel Dead Before Coffee

Every morning before that first steaming cup of our favorite life-giving elixir, you can feel dead to the world.

That’s where the idea for our skull designs and stickers came from originally. The designs looked so cool and have become part of who we are at Fire Dept. Coffee.

Our original Skull Sticker has always been a favorite. Our Sugar Skull Sticker turns up the heat even more.

How could you not love one of these stickers staring back at you, reminding you that it’s time for coffee? Or better yet, reminding everyone else to stay away from you until you’ve had that coffee?

Firefighter Stickers, Firefighter Sticker Packs, Waterbottle

Coffee Stickers: Let Everyone Know What’s In Your Cup

We’re coffee people. We get so much enjoyment out of handcrafting the most delicious roasts we can dream up and sharing them with Fire Dept. Coffee drinkers.

We also just love drinking coffee. Our intake is probably best measured in gallons instead of cups.

If you’re like us, then your coffee preferences become part of your identity. You want to share it with others, too, and invite them to experience it for themselves.

Coffee stickers are one more way to let people know that you’re drinking the good stuff — and they can, too.

There’s a Shellback Sticker that goes well with your Shellback Espresso.

Love Donut Shop Coffee? The Pink Donut Coffee Sticker will brighten any surface you slap it on — and it’s sure to brighten your day, too. Plus, it’ll have you craving that sweet Donut Shop Coffee.

The bottom line is that stickers give us a chance to express ourselves about the things that we love most.

And we really love coffee.

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