Fire Department Coffee
Fire Department Coffee is a real coffee company.

Yes, Fire Dept. Coffee is Real — Like Really, Real Good Coffee

August 17, 2021

We can’t blame folks for asking.

Jason Patton is usually not the most serious individual in the world, especially in the videos he stars in for us or for his own Fire Department Chronicles. So even though he’s wearing the shirts with “Fire Dept. Coffee” written across his chest and drinking from mugs with our logo, he still gets asked from time to time.

Is Fire Dept. Coffee a real?

So let’s put this question to bed, once and for all.

The answer is … Yes, we’re real. Like really real.


Real Company. Real Coffee.

Fire Dept. Coffee is as real as it gets. We know this because we drink the coffee that we’ve made all the time. It’s got our name right on the bag and everything.

Lots of other people drink it, too. Which is really, really cool. (These people are also real, we promise.)

Here’s the story ...

Fire Dept. Coffee was founded in 2016 by Luke Schneider, a former U.S. Navy damage controlman turned professional firefighter/paramedic in Rockford, Illinois. “Coffee is really important. Especially when you’ve got a long day ahead or are trying so hard to stay awake in the afternoon—or staying alert during night shifts.” says Schneider.

From Day 1, Fire Dept. Coffee has employed active and retired firefighters in various roles at every level of our very real company. For example, Jason Patton (a real firefighter) is our vice president. Larry Walton (also a real firefighter) is our chief operating officer. Dave McWilliams (a real retired captain) is our chief roaster and many more who are active and retired fire responders and military veterans.

You get the idea.

Luke Schneider, Jason Patton, and Larry Walton of Fire Dept. Coffee.


Where Do Your Coffee Beans Come from?

We source our coffee beans from some of the finest coffee growing regions from around the globe. At our roasting facility in our hometown of Rockford, IL, we turn those beans into more than a dozen kinds of delicious coffee, from our Original Medium Roast to Skull-Crushing Espresso and an entire line of Spirit-Infused Coffee.

In fact, we pioneered and perfected Spirit-Infused Coffee with our signature infusion process.

You really should try it.

In fact, we hope you try all of our coffee. We make a lot of jokes around here. It’s just who we are. But we are also incredibly serious about making the best coffee around for hardworking men and women just like you.

If you’re one of those people who is just discovering that Fire Dept. Coffee is not some fictitious company dreamed up for the sake of a few laughs, we would be honored if you’d give us a chance.

Because we’re real. Like really real.

And this is real good coffee.

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