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You don’t need an espresso machine to enjoy this extra bold, extra delicious taste.

• A strong, bold roast

• Dark and powerful blend with a smooth, potent flavor

• Delivered right to your door

• Available in ground or whole bean

Sometimes you need your coffee with a little extra kick. A little bolder brew to help you power through those long hours or late nights on the job. Backdraft Espresso is just for you.

Use as an espresso or simply drip-brew your Backdraft Espresso the way you would any other cup of coffee. You’ll fill your mug with a dark espresso that sends rich aromas into the air and gives you the bold fuel you need with a delicious taste to match.

What’s Included:

Our Backdraft Espresso is available in 14 oz and five-pound bags.
Available in ground or whole bean.

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