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Product Description

Fuel your energy with a cup of Fire Department Coffee!

Our popular bourbon-infused coffee in convenient single-serve cups
Keeps you energized for the 24/7 hustle
Compatible with single-serve coffee makers
Made with our signature spirit-infusion process

Our quality coffee from Fire Dept. Coffee is too good to waste, and we understand if you want to make your fresh ground coffee one cup at a time. With coffee this good, we wouldn’t want to share either.

Want an excuse to drink during the day without feeling guilty? Now you can! Our bourbon-infused coffee gives you the sweet, smooth taste of bourbon with every sip. Don’t let a whole pot of high-quality coffee go to waste. Enjoy our specialty coffee one cup at a time.

What’s Included:

12 single-serve cups of our Fire Dept. Coffee Bourbon-Infused Coffee blend

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