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Product Description

Enjoy our dark roast one cup at a time!

Available in single-serve cups
Enjoy a bold, smooth flavor
Founded by firefighters
Compatible with all single-serve coffee makers

When you need an extra boost to get you through the work day, turn to Fire Department Coffee. We created our quality coffee to help the working class man and woman get through the day. If you need to stay awake and alert for the job, our fresh ground coffee has got your back.

Are you tired of people making a pot of coffee and letting it sit for hours? No coffee should go to waste, which is why our popular Dark Roast is now available in single-serve cups! Enjoy your favorite blend of Fire Dept. Coffee one cup at a time. Plus, now you don’t have to share. It’s a win-win! Buy yours today.

What’s Included:

12 single-serve cups of our Fire Dept. Coffee Dark Roast Blend

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