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Blood Orange Bourbon Infused Coffee, Coffee Bag

A First-of-its-Kind Spirit-Infused Coffee Club

May 07, 2021

So you like coffee. And you like bourbon. Or whiskey. Or tequila. Or rum. You probably like all the spirits.

So do we. That’s why we put them together. 

Fire Dept. Coffee kicked down the door and became the first to bring spirit-infused blends to the market back in 2016. We’re not talking about spiking your coffee. That’s been done. We’re talking about enhancing your cup of coffee with the subtle notes of flavor from a glass of your favorite spirits. It’s non-alcoholic, so no worries. The alcohol content is removed during the roasting process. The alcohol evaporates, but what remains are the delicious flavors and aromas that the spirits are known for.

Our signature spirit-infusion process is the secret that brings it all together. It’s how we create the perfect roast every time, with subtle hints of the spirits enhancing the taste of each cup of coffee you pour.

We launched our line of spirit-infused drinks five years ago and the response was so great that we’ve expanded it to feature limited-edition specialty roasts like Black Cherry Bourbon and Vanilla Bean Bourbon

Now we’re introducing our Spirit-Infused Coffee Club, a first-of-its-kind club that brings subscribers a new, exclusive spirit-infused roast every month. It’s like our popular Coffee of the Month Club, offering new roasts from around the world — only these roasts will have a little something extra to savor.

Blood Orange Bourbon Infused Coffee, Bags, Coffee. Beans.

The Spirit-Infused Coffee Club is the next evolution and our first subscribers will receive an 8-ounce bag of Blood Orange Bourbon Infused Coffee. This unforgettable roast was handpicked to be first because it delivers an amazing flavor with hints of juicy blood oranges and sweet, wild honey.

These special monthly roasts are created for club members only, so the only way to enjoy them is to subscribe. You’ll get a new bag every month, in your choice of ground or whole bean, and you’ll get free shipping on every delivery.

Each month, our roast will expertly combine the subtle flavors of mouth-watering spirits with our best coffee beans, ensuring you the perfect cup of spirit-infused coffee. 

We don’t settle for anything less than perfection. So you never have to settle, either.

Go ahead and enjoy the taste of spirits with your morning coffee.

And your afternoon coffee. 

Enjoy it with dinner. 

Or for dessert.

Drink it whenever you want. 

You can do that when you’re part of this club.

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