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5 Game-Changing Benefits of Coffee Travel Mugs

November 18, 2020

Coffee maker? Check. All-time favorite mug? Check. But… what about a coffee travel mug? If you haven’t grabbed yourself one of these bad boys yet, you’re missing out.

Discover the benefits of coffee travel mugs to see how they can take your coffee game to the next level, as well as on the go.

For a reliable choice and to show off the fact that you belong to the Fire Dept. Coffee family, check out our portable coffee tumbler.

1. Coffee travel mugs are incredibly practical

These portable superheroes can save the day in many scenarios. 

You didn’t manage to finish your coffee before the latest possible time to leave the house to head to work? Pour it into your travel mug. Tired of spending so much money to grab one at a café on the way to the office every single day? Brew it before you leave and carry it in your travel mug. Gone camping or on a hike? Brew it in one of the best travel coffee makers and… yeah, you get the gist.

2. They’re an eco-friendlier alternative to paper cups

Did you know that we use over 50 billion paper cups a year? And that’s just here in the US! Despite the deceiving ‘paper’ in the name, these coffee cups can’t usually be recycled because of their plastic linings and they take decades to decompose in landfills.

Instead of contributing to that alarming statistic, you can be part of the change by carrying a reusable coffee travel mug.

To give you an idea of the difference you can make: if you usually buy two takeaway coffees a week, that’s 104 paper cups that you save from landfills every year. Over 500 in five. Not bad, right?

3. Travel mugs guarantee enhanced heat retention 

What’s (almost) as disappointing as drinking a weak cup of joe? Leaving yours for a few minutes and finding it colder than a penguin’s chuff when you go back to it. One of the greatest benefits of coffee travel mugs is that they keep your precious joe piping hot for much longer.

Our Fire Dept. Coffee tumbler is both double-walled and vacuum-sealed. We really don’t want to take any risks when it comes to your coffee.

4. Using a coffee travel mug saves you money in the long run

How, you ask? In two ways. First of all, you don’t always have to rely on takeaway coffee, since you can brew it at home and carry it with you. 

But, even when you do, you can get a little discount on lots of coffee shops when you bring your own reusable coffee mug! It really adds up overtime.

5. It’s a durable, budget-friendly choice

Coffee travel mugs are a fantastic investment both because they will last you for many years but also because… well, they’re so affordable that they really don’t feel like an investment at all!

Now that you know all the benefits of coffee travel mugs, make sure you check out Fire Dept. Coffee’s reliable coffee tumbler. Since we didn’t want you to compromise on quantity as well as quality, how do 30 (portable) oz of coffee sound?

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