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A coffee drink to celebrate National Coffee Day

The Best Coffee Drinks to Celebrate National Coffee Day

November 18, 2020

We have mixed feelings about National Coffee Day. On the one hand, we’re glad that this magical liquid is finally getting the recognition and celebrations that it deserves. After all, it’s what gives hardworking people like you and us the strength to face long shifts without murdering anyone. 

On the other hand… EVERY DAY is National Coffee Day, for us!

Here are some coffee drinks and cocktails to help you celebrate in style on 29th September. 

Or, you know… anytime.

1. Alcohol-Free Whiskey Latte

Wait, ‘alcohol-free’ and ‘whiskey’ in the same sentence?!

Trust us! That’s the beauty of our spirit-infused coffee collection.

Each blend allows you to relish in the distinctive flavor of your favorite type of booze no matter how early it is in the morning.

Spirit infused coffee to brew different coffee drinks

Grab yourself a bag of our whiskey-infused coffee and try this non-alcoholic whiskey latte recipe.

Brew around 5 oz of coffee per person, steam some milk and, if you want an extra kick, add a teaspoon of cinnamon when you mix them together. Plus, some on top as a garnish, of course.

2. Very Very Irish Coffee

Planning on celebrating National Coffee Day in the evening after a long shift at work? Then you can easily try a coffee cocktail, mixing our spirit-infused coffee with an actual shot of booze to double up on the flavor.

How about a Very Very Irish Coffee, for example? 

3. Mocha

Mochas are a special type of coffee drink. They combine the strength of a shot of espresso and the cocoa flavor that never fails to remind you of your childhood. 

A mocha, perfect to celebrate National Coffee Day

Pick a strong espresso blend, brew a shot, add a teaspoon of cocoa, and mix them together. Top it up with some steamed milk and, obviously, sprinkle some more cocoa for garnish.

If you want to treat yourself even more, go on and add some whipped cream!

4. Espresso Tonic

Ingredients to make an espresso tonic

Is the weather still quite warm where you live? Then a refreshing way to celebrate this special coffee day is to opt for a cold espresso tonic.

Brew two shots (per person) into a glass, add some ice cubes, fill it with tonic water and, for garnish, add a lime wedge.

5. Maple Latte

Were you hoping for something warm and cozy as you’ve already fully embraced fall?

We have an unbe-leaf-ably tasty coffee recipe that’s perfect for these colorful and crisp days. 

A friendly homage to our neighbors, our Canadian whiskey-infused coffee will let you experience the thrill of the Great White North from the comfort of your home… especially when you use it for this recipe.

Canadian whiskey infused coffee

Brew around 5 oz of Canadian whiskey-infused coffee, mix in a teaspoon of maple syrup and a sprinkle of spices (cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg), and fill the mug with steamed milk.

Finally, add another sprinkle of spices on top.

6. Pure, Black Coffee

While we also like to experiment with other drinks and frothy options sometimes, we’ll be honest: to us, coffee is meant to be enjoyed black and unsweetened, because that’s how you can taste all the flavor nuances and uniqueness of each blend or single origin bean.

A mug of black coffee

If you’re used to adding milk and sugar, National Coffee Day could be the perfect excuse to try pure black coffee. You can either opt for your usual automatic dripper and French press, or challenge yourself with something different like AeroPress coffee or manual pour overs.

Which of our coffee drinks are you going to try to celebrate National Coffee Day? 

Remember: it’s not being addicted to coffee. It’s extending the coffee day celebrations to the remaining 364.

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