Black cherry bourbon infused coffee

Black Cherry Bourbon Infused Coffee: A Spirit Infused Twist

January 29, 2021 2 Comments

We’re pretty sure you’ll agree with us on this: the sweet taste of bourbon and the rich flavor of coffee are impossible to beat!

However, have you ever considered the magical possibility of enjoying them at the same time by opting for some bourbon coffee? And how about some premium Black Cherry Bourbon Infused Coffee?

And no, don’t worry: we’re most definitely not telling you to spike your morning drink before heading to the office.

We’ve done all the hard work for you so that you can simply enjoy the finished product from the comfort of your home or use it to power through long shifts.

Once again, yes: it's safe to drink on the job.

What is bourbon infused coffee?

Fire Dept. Coffee, Bourbon Infused coffee package.

Bourbon infused coffee consists of coffee beans that, thanks to Fire Dept. Coffee’s proprietary process, have been roasted after being infused with bourbon.

This allows us to cook out all the alcohol while preserving its distinctive flavor and all of its most subtle nuances.

You got it: our bourbon infused coffee is non-alcoholic, so you can enjoy it first thing in the morning without getting told off by your boss (or your family!).

In fact, we follow the same steps to make lots of other types of spirit infused coffee, from tequila to rum and much more (get a good overview of the best spirit infused coffee to find out which one homages your all-time favorite spirit).

Since our signature bourbon infused coffee has proven incredibly popular, at Fire Dept. Coffee we’ve decided to reward our loyal customers by offering them a limited-edition twist: Black Cherry Bourbon coffee.

Fire Department Coffee’s Black Cherry Bourbon Infused Coffee

A bag of our black cherry bourbon coffee

Following the same process, we have created a new blend that relies on real black cherry bourbon. 

The result is a bold but smooth coffee that blends the tart and juicy flavor of black cherries with the most subtle undertones of vanilla and aged bourbon, creating a well-balanced roast that will warm you up inside.

Because our Black Cherry Bourbon Infused coffee is non-alcoholic, you can drink it at any time of the day and night. 

However, we especially recommend it for those chilly winter mornings or those brisk evenings, perhaps to reward yourself after finishing one of your long shifts at work (as firefighters, we know a thing or two about those!).

How you can enjoy our special, limited-edition bourbon coffee

Just like the rest of our spirit-infused and bourbon coffee, our black cherry blend is available in 12 oz bags that you can get delivered straight to your door. 

Regardless of whether you prefer the practicality of pre-ground coffee or could never part from your faithful burr grinder, we’ve got you covered: you can enjoy our black cherry bourbon infused coffee as either whole beans or grounds.

The only thing you have to worry about? Time!

Our Black Cherry Bourbon Infused Coffee is a premium limited-edition, so make sure you grab it today before it runs out.

2 Responses

Steve F.
Steve F.

February 15, 2021

I really enjoyed this special blend, and had to order another. Please don’t discontinue this item, because this is the best one so far! Very smooth coffee, and great taste!
Keep up the good work FDC!

Derek C
Derek C

January 31, 2021

By far one of the best coffees I’ve ever drank. Buy a bag and you will be Hooked trust me. Keep up the amazing work Luke and your team ! Be well and thank you.

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