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Mug of joe brewed using some coffee hacks

8 Coffee Hacks to Improve Your Java Game or Add a Twist to It

July 17, 2021

Sometimes the simplest trick or adjustment is all it takes to achieve an outstanding result!

Likewise, these coffee hacks can either improve your morning routine or add an unexpected twist to it.

1. Change the water temperature

Gooseneck kettle with hot water

If your coffee always tastes bitter, don’t worry: it’s a popular mistake, but you’d be surprised at how easy it is to fix it. The most common reason? You've been using boiling water.

The recommended temperature for coffee extraction is actually between 195 and 205°F.

This simple coffee hack will result in a much more balanced taste when you next brew some java.

2. Brew an espresso without a machine

Moka pot being used as a coffee hack to brew espresso without a machine

Feeling the need for a stronger shot of coffee but you haven’t got an espresso machine? 

There are several coffee hacks to brew espresso without one, from using a moka pot to the AeroPress and… yep, even a French press.

3. Make a cold brew in your French press

Cold brew coffee made with a French press coffee hack

Psst. You don’t need any fancy equipment to replicate that smooth cold brew that you’ve enjoyed at that quirky café. 

To make a cold brew at home you just need to mix coarse grounds and cold water in your French press (with a 1:5 ratio), stir them, let them steep overnight, and press the plunger.

4. Get your coffee out of the fridge or freezer

Ground coffee stored correctly

Disappointed because your coffee doesn’t taste as flavorful as you would want it to? Well, we’re not surprised if you’ve been storing it in the fridge or freezer!

These popular but detrimental solutions result in a buildup of moisture and, when it comes to the fridge, your coffee will even absorb your food smells.

Instead, store coffee correctly by leaving it in an opaque container away from heat and direct sunlight.

5. Improve your iced coffee with coffee ice cubes

Iced coffee

Fan of the occasional iced coffee? 

Tomorrow morning, brew a larger cup of joe, force yourself to save some, and pour it into your ice tray. 

Once they're frozen, you can then use your coffee ice cubes to make more flavorful iced lattes that will no longer taste watery after a few minutes.

6. Pour hot water into your mug to keep it hot for longer

Piping hot mug kept warm thorugh a handy coffee hack

If you won’t settle for anything less than piping hot brews, here’s a handy coffee hack for you: pour some hot water into your mug and leave it in there while you brew your coffee. 

This works particularly well with brewing methods for which you already need to heat up some water (like French presses, AeroPress and manual pour-overs) and automatic drippers that involve a hot water dispenser.

7. Start your morning right by adding some butter

Butter used for keto coffee

If you’ve never heard of keto coffee, you might be quite shocked, but… trust us! 

It’s a game-changer and a fun coffee recipe to alternate to your usual joe. 

Not only does it trigger weight loss and helps stop food cravings, but it even boosts your cognitive functions.

To make it, just brew a mug of Fire Dept. Coffee, add two tablespoons of unsalted butter, and one of either MCT or coconut oil. Then, simply blend them together in a food processor.

8. Reuse your coffee grounds

Coffee grounds

The life of your grounds doesn’t necessarily need to end when they’re brewed. 

There are many coffee hacks that you can make the most of by reusing your coffee grounds, from absorbing your fridge’s odors to fertilizing your plants and creating a DIY scrub.

Which of these coffee hacks is going to change your routine? Have you got any others to suggest?

Drop them in the comments!

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