Coffee of the Month Club: Honduran Coffee

Coffee of the Month Club: Honduran Coffee

January 04, 2021 1 Comment

Introducing Honduras Cerro Azul Coffee, the exclusive coffee for January 2021 to Coffee of the Month Club members.

This sweet, delicious coffee is produced by a cooperative called COHORSIL in the northwest region of Siguatepeque, Honduras. Cerro Azul is an SHG (strictly high grown) coffee created from beans harvested at an altitude of 1,350 meters in this tropical mountain region. The exotic conditions are perfect for producing excellent coffee.

COHORSIL Farm, growing coffee plants.

COHORSIL gathers the coffee cherries from the individual farmers and then processes them together under strict quality control to ensure that the final product is an exceptional coffee all the time. Harvest occurs from January to May, and the cherries are fully washed and dried using a mechanical drying process.

Your coffee is made from varietals including Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra and Pacas. It’s a medium roast with average acidity and sweetness to go with an above-average body. You’ll notice distinct notes of almond, dark chocolate and lemon.

Honduras Cerro Azul is a favorite of our team at Fire Department Coffee, and it’s the perfect roast to start the new year on a high note. 

COHORSIL Coffee farm, drying beans.

At Fire Department Coffee, we are dedicated to serving coffees that are socially and environmentally sourced and only the best quality that you won't find in grocery stores. Our coffee is roasted to order and delivered fast and fresh. And as always at Fire Department Coffee, 10% of net proceeds goes to help ill and injured first responders.

If you haven't joined the club yet, what are you waiting for? Enjoy exclusive coffee from around the world. Or subscribe and save with our other premium-quality Fire Dept. Coffee roasts sent directly to your door. You’ll never run out of coffee again!

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Derek Cellini
Derek Cellini

January 06, 2021

All the roast of whole beans are amazing. I just look forward to receiving my order each month. Keep up the amazing work that Luke and team are doing. Thank you from a loyal happy customer. Be well and take care!

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