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Coffee of the Month Club: Organic Java Coffee

Coffee of the Month Club: Organic Java Coffee

May 12, 2020

Introducing Organic Java Taman Dadar Kayumas Fair Trade, the exclusive coffee for May 2020 to Coffee of the Month Club members.

This organic roast includes notes of cherry, black pepper and dark chocolate for a sweet, rich taste that you’ll look forward to with each sip.

Java Taman Dadar Kayumas is sourced from Java, Indonesia, particularly the Kayumas and Curah Tatal villages. Coffee has a rich history in Indonesia, where it was first harvested in the 17th century. A massive rust outbreak in the 1800s essentially wiped out coffee production. When cultivation began again, it started at the higher elevations, where the rich volcanic soil provided ideal growing conditions for specialty coffee.
That’s where this month’s roast has its origins. It comes from small, family-owned farms, where the coffee is hauled wet and sun-dried. Tamar Dadar translates to “flower garden,” which is an apt description for this production method. We can’t wait for you to taste this impressive roast.

The coffee is grown at 900 – 1,600 meters elevation and is wet hauled and sun-dried. The coffee varietals contain Typica.

At Fire Department Coffee, we are dedicated to serving coffees that are socially and environmentally sourced and only the best quality that you won't find in grocery stores. Our coffee is roasted to order and delivered fast and fresh. And as with all products at FDC, 10% of net proceeds will go to help America’s ill and injured first responders.

If you haven't joined the club yet, what are you waiting for? Enjoy exclusive coffee from around the world.

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