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One of the single-origin farms from our coffee subscription box

Coffee Of The Month Club Perks

November 18, 2020

If you’ve heard of coffee subscriptions but are not too sure what they are, let us make things clearer for you: a regular coffee delivery is the difference between buying a random bag of (stale) grounds from the store and turning your morning coffee into a superior sensorial experience.

Your chance to up your coffee game while making it even more practical, basically.

Any of our unique blends can be chosen as a customizable subscription. However, if you were looking to try something different, did you know that we also offer a Coffee of the Month Club?

What’s FDC’s Coffee of the Month Club?

Some of the single origin beans that can be found in our Coffee of the Month Club

Our exclusive Coffee of the Month Club is a coffee subscription for hardworking professionals who wish to indulge in different types of single-origin beans.

Because we select and roast beans from a new region every month, it’s like a coffee tour of the world from the comfort of your kitchen, one cup at a time.

What’s included in our coffee subscription box

Each of our coffee subscription boxes includes a custom-designed 12 oz bag, which you can either choose to receive as whole beans if you have a burr grinder or as ready-to-brew grounds.

On the bag, you’ll find all the information that turns it into a full experience.

A bag of FDC's Coffee of the Month Club single origin beans

After telling you exactly where those beans came from, we’ll provide you with tasting notes that involve their acidity, body and sweetness as well as what specific types of flavors you can expect. Dark chocolate? Cherry? Caramel? Get your taste buds ready.

We’ll also tell you a bit more about the beans’ varietal, the harvesting process that they went through, and the elevation of their farm.

What does this all mean? That you’ll soon be able to taste the nuances of each cup like a professional barista!

Learning to fully appreciate a mug of single-origin beans will feel like sipping it from a little Ethiopian café or while taking a stroll around an Ecuadorian plantation.

Why join our exclusive coffee club and choose a coffee subscription

There are many benefits of a coffee subscription but, when you combine them with the unique perks of our Coffee of the Month Club, they reach a whole new level of awesomeness:

Freshly roasted coffee beans for our coffee subscription box

1. Full experience

Receiving different single-origin beans and tasting notes every time is a well-rounded experience compared to chugging down the first grounds you find at the supermarket.

2. Variety

If you love trying different flavors, the Coffee of the Month Club is the right coffee subscription for you.

Adding the excitement of an element of surprise, you’ll always find yourself looking forward to receiving the new box and, especially, discovering what it contains this time.

3. Customizability

What if you’re away for a few weeks? Or still want to enjoy your favorite Fire Dept. Coffee blend for most of the month? Not a problem at all!

You can manage your coffee subscription box and decide how often you'll get it delivered: as frequently as once a month or once every two, three or four?

4. Freshness and flavor

Our single-origin beans are always roasted to order. That means that you’ll only get the freshest coffee possible.

Because the volatile compounds responsible for flavor nuances disappear after roasting and grinding them, you’ll definitely be able to tell the difference from stale bags from stores.

5. Convenience

One of the best things about coffee subscriptions is that you never have to worry about running out of coffee… nor keeping your precious stash restocked. We’ll take care of that on a regular basis.

Trust us: we know how important it is.

Start making the most of these benefits by joining our Coffee of the Month Club today!

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