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Coffee of the Month Club: Peruvian Coffee

Coffee of the Month Club: Peruvian Coffee

March 02, 2021 1 Comment

Introducing Las Damas de San Ignacio, the exclusive coffee for March 2021 to Coffee of the Month Club members.

Made with coffee beans from Northern Peru’s Cajamarca region, this delicious and sweet coffee features notes of milk chocolate, orange and brown sugar. 

The coffee is harvested and produced by the women of COOPAFSI, an organic, fair-trade cooperative founded in 1969 and dedicated to gender equality and improving the livelihoods of coffee producers and their families. So it’s the perfect coffee to share with you in March as we celebrate Women’s History Month. 

Peruvian Woman picking coffee cherries.

It’s made from varietals including Catimor, Caturra, Mundo Novo and Typica. The beans are fully washed at an elevation of 1,500 to 1,750 meters. The result is a coffee that has a crisp acidity, syrupy body and a mellow sweetness. 

We hope you’ll raise your mug to them and to the women of COOPAFSI as you enjoy this unforgettable coffee.

Overhead view of Cajamarca, Peru.

At Fire Department Coffee, we are dedicated to serving coffees that are socially and environmentally sourced and only the best quality that you won't find in grocery stores. Our coffee is roasted to order and delivered fast and fresh. And as always at Fire Department Coffee, 10% of net proceeds goes to help ill and injured first responders.

If you haven't joined the club yet, what are you waiting for? Enjoy exclusive coffee from around the world. Or subscribe and save with our other premium-quality Fire Dept. Coffee roasts sent directly to your door. You’ll never run out of coffee again!

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Murline Neisz
Murline Neisz

May 06, 2021

This coffee was fantastic. So full of flavor with a richness of taste that left me wanting more

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