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Try These Fun Coffee Recipes | How To Make Fun Coffee Drinks at Home

November 18, 2020

If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll know that we prefer pure, black joe. Still, that doesn’t mean that we don’t enjoy experimenting with different coffee recipes, occasionally!

Does it sound like you? Then check out the coffee trends that have slowly been taking over cafés across the world and unleash your inner barista with some of our fun coffee and espresso drink recipes.

1. Flat white

Flat white

Is it a cappuccino? Is it a latte? No, it’s a flat white! Don’t you dare confuse them unless you’re trying to receive a spiteful look from third-wave café baristas.

It’s impossible to determine exactly who invented it and where, as coffee shops from both Australia and New Zealand swear it was them in the 80s. 

However, one thing’s for sure: the flat white started its journey down under but has now conquered the rest of the world, especially after Starbucks introduced it to its American menu in 2015.

Did you know that you can make it at home, too?

All you need is a shot of espresso and some milk steamed with your machine’s wand. However, don’t make it frothy! Aim for less microfoam than you’d use in a latte. 

Ironically, flat whites are a better option to get creative with latte art.

2. Cold brew coffee

Cold brew coffee

No, we’re not talking about iced lattes and frappuccinos. Cold brew is coffee extracted with cold water over a longer period of time, not a hot espresso shot mixed with ice and cold milk.

This brewing method has become incredibly popular over the past few years, probably because it results in a smoother and sweeter coffee. 

If you want to give it a go, check out our cold brew coffee recipe: all you need to do is mix coarse coffee grounds and water in a mason jar (1:5 ratio), leave them in the fridge overnight, and strain them with a cheesecloth or paper filter.

3. Nitro cold brew

Nitro cold brew coffee drink

Well, now that you’ve learned how to make cold brew coffee you might as well add a twist: make it fizzy by charging it with nitrogen!

This is one of the modern coffee trends that have become a staple in the most hipster cafés, but, again, you can replicate it at home.

Just prepare some cold brew coffee and, following our Nitro cold brew recipe, add some nitrogen with a whipped cream dispenser or a mini keg. 

4. Keto coffee with butter

Cups of black coffee and butter to make keto coffee, a popular coffee trend

If your first thought was ‘yuk’, trust us: it was the same for us! 

However, its unpredictable combination of flavors will surprise you (positively).

Not only that, but this seemingly crazy variant adds a few more health benefits to drinking coffee, like easier digestion and a longer energy boost without the usual caffeine crash.

For this keto coffee recipe, brew a classic mug of black joe, add two tablespoons of unsalted butter and one of MCT or coconut oil, and blend them together in a food processor.

5. Sweet coffee drinks & espresso drink recipes

Iced coffee drinks

Another coffee trend involves enjoying sweet coffee drinks. Obviously, because of the higher levels of sugar, this is most definitely not something that we recommend doing on a daily basis. Maybe it could be your weekend treat?

For example, you can mix hot coffee, cold milk, ice and a sweetener like vanilla to make iced lattes.

Or how about a loaded mocha by adding cocoa powder and whipped cream to a traditional latte?

If you were hoping for a boozy twist to top a perfect dinner with friends, try our Very Very Irish Coffee, ShakeratoCold Fashioned or Affogato recipes.

Which of these caffeinated trends and coffee drink recipes do you like the most?

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