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Spirit Infused Coffee Club, July 2021, Coconut Rum Infused Coffee.

Spirit Infused Coffee Club: Coconut Rum Infused

June 30, 2021

Introducing Coconut Rum Infused, the exclusive coffee for July 2021 to Spirit Infused Coffee Club members.

Summer is here, and this is the perfect roast to fill your cup and your taste buds with flavors that remind you of relaxing on the beach, toes in the sand and maybe some island music playing in the background.

We handpicked Brazilian coffee beans for this special roast. They’re known to be deliciously sweet and low in acidity because they’re grown at lower elevations. The coffee beans are infused with real rum that delivers a smooth island taste and natural coconut flavor that’s so distinct that it can’t be ignored.

If you really want to go all out, you can enjoy this coffee seaside, sipping it from a coconut coffee mug. We haven’t actually tried that, but it sounds amazing.

However you drink it, wherever you drink it, it’s going to taste like summer. This Coconut Rum Infused Coffee can instantly (metaphorically) transport you to your favorite ocean escape — or maybe to the wheel of a pirate ship chasing down hidden treasures. 

Hey, whatever you’re into. We’re just saying it’s real good coffee.

Spirit Infused Coffee Club, Coconut Rum Infused Coffee, 8oz coffee bag in a tropical setting.

Like each month’s featured roast, Coconut Rum Infused comes in 8-ounce bags in the club member’s choice of ground or whole bean coffee. 

Fire Dept. Coffee was the first to bring spirit-infused coffee to the market in 2016. Created with our signature infusion process, the initial roasts included coffee enhanced by the flavors of bourbon, tequila and rum. The alcohol content is removed during the roasting process, similar to cooking with spirits. The alcohol disappears, but what remains are the delicious flavors and aromas that the spirits are known for.

Each month, we unveil a new spirit-infused blend available only to club members. If you’re not a member yet, you’re already missing out. But you don’t have to miss out again. Join the Spirit-Infused Coffee Club today and be ready to enjoy next month’s expertly crafted blend.

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