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Spirit Infused Coffee Club: Old Fashioned Infused Coffee

Spirit Infused Coffee Club: Old Fashioned Infused Coffee

August 31, 2021

Introducing Old Fashioned Infused Coffee, the exclusive coffee for September 2021 to Spirit Infused Coffee Club members.

Even the name evokes another time. 

Imagine stepping inside a speak-easy, strolling up to the bar and finding an open seat. Maybe it’s open because everyone just knows it belongs to you. 

The bartender already started making your drink when they saw you walk in. 

It’s that kind of place.

And this is that kind of coffee.

An Old Fashioned is a bourbon cocktail for people who know and appreciate good bourbon and the simple but fine skills it takes to make a perfect cocktail. That’s the feeling you can expect when you pour a cup of our new Old Fashioned Infused Coffee.

It’s made with premium bourbon, featuring tastes of muddled cherries with bitters and orange zest. As you take that first sip, drink it slowly and then sit back and wait for each of the unique flavors to strike your senses. 

You may not be in a speak-easy when you enjoy it. You may be in your kitchen, on your porch or at work. But you’ll be transported to a time and a place where you can feel completely relaxed and at ease enjoying your favorite drink.

Spirit Infused Coffee Club, Old Fashioned Infused Coffee

This is your time to reflect on the day gone by or the one that awaits. It’s your time to savor a fine cup of coffee and the undeniable notes of fine spirits.

At least until a call comes in. It could happen. We can’t do anything about that.

The good news, as always, is that our Spirit-Infused Coffees are non-alcoholic. So whether you need to be at your desk or behind the wheel of the truck, you’re good.

In fact, you’re better than good. You’re fueled up and ready to go.

Old Fashioned Infused comes in 8-ounce bags in the club member’s choice of ground or whole bean coffee. 

Fire Dept. Coffee was the first to bring spirit-infused coffee to the market in 2016. Created with our signature infusion process, the initial roasts included coffee enhanced by the flavors of bourbon, tequila and rum. The alcohol content is removed during the roasting process, similar to cooking with spirits. The alcohol disappears, but what remains are the delicious flavors and aromas that the spirits are known for.

Each month, we unveil a new spirit-infused blend available only to club members. If you’re not a member yet, you’re already missing out. But you don’t have to miss out again. Join the Spirit-Infused Coffee Club today and be ready to enjoy next month’s expertly crafted blend.

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