Vanilla Bean Bourbon Infused Coffee: A Taste You Won’t Forget

Vanilla Bean Bourbon Infused Coffee: A Taste You Won’t Forget

February 15, 2021

The response to our limited-edition Black Cherry Bourbon Infused Coffee was so incredible that we had to keep the specialty bourbon-infused coffee coming.

Introducing Vanilla Bean Bourbon-Infused Coffee, and you’re going to love it — if you can wrap your taste buds around all the amazing things happening in this coffee.

Let’s just say this: Despite what the name says, this is anything but vanilla. OK, yes, you will definitely taste hints of vanilla but this is no bland, boring coffee. 

Vanilla Bean Bourbon Infused Coffee is the first of it's kind. Made with real vanilla bean bourbon and premium coffee beans.

This is a jolt of caffeine and a tidal wave of taste. And yet, it goes down smooth and comes with a pleasant aroma that will leave you wanting more. We get it. This is complex stuff. It’s not easy to achieve, but we’ve done it.

It’s all the result of our signature spirit-infusion process, the first of its kind in our industry. We’ve developed an entire line of the best spirit infused coffee around. And we are constantly perfecting our craft, and this coffee may be our finest spirit-infused blend yet.

You’ll taste the essence of rich vanilla bean and the unmistakable flavor of premium bourbon. The actual alcohol doesn’t survive the infusion and roasting process, so you can drink it any time of day — or all day long — and still feel plenty confident to operate heavy machinery.

It will get you going and keep you going, no matter when your shift started or when it ends.

Handcrafted Vanilla Bean Bourbon Infused Coffee. Non-alcoholic.

Vanilla Bean Bourbon Infused Coffee comes in 12-ounce bags, ground or whole bean — your choice. But once again, this is a limited release, and in limited supply. So don’t wait to order yours.

Let’s see if your taste buds can handle it.

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