Fire Dept. Coffee member holding a bag of one of our specialty coffees

Why Drink Specialty Coffee & Upgrade from Store-Bought Java

November 18, 2020

Why drink specialty coffee when random store-bought grounds do the job? Because ‘doing the job’ is just about keeping you awake, but fresh and higher-quality specialty coffee also allows you to start the day in a pleasant way. 

Chugging down a stale, bitter cup? No, thanks! 

And, trust us: there are many more perks packed into bags of specialty coffee like the ones we roast at Fire Dept. Coffee.

What is specialty coffee?

Specialty coffee guarantees the highest quality in all aspects of the supply chain. This is because everyone who’s involved in its production values the importance of maintaining excellent standards and ensuring optimal flavors.

At Fire Dept. Coffee we only source our precious beans from farms that we trust wholeheartedly, and we put a lot of effort and care into creating the right blends for our hardworking customers.

A store-bought bag of coffee can often hide a shady supply chain (not literally, as we doubt it’d fit behind it) and low-quality beans can be mixed in to skimp on costs. 

You and your morning routine are worth much more than that!

So, why drink specialty coffee?

For many reasons.

1. Specialty coffee is a high-quality upgrade from store-bought grounds

Plant of coffee beans

You’ve probably figured this out by now, so let’s start with the most obvious reason. 

All of our beans must go through a very strict testing and evaluation process: no tricks nor shortcuts!

But the superiority of our fresh specialty coffee goes beyond the beans themselves. 

Once it’s roasted, coffee starts degassing and, by releasing the trapped CO2, it also loses the precious volatile compounds that are responsible for all the flavor and aroma nuances. 

Basically, coffee is only fresh for around a month after roasting. Imagine how long those bags have been sitting on that shelf!

Our specialty coffee, on the contrary, is always roasted to order.

2. Drinking specialty coffee is a unique journey and a special sensorial experience

Man savoring the aroma of specialty coffee

Whether you opt for single-origin coffee or for a meticulously crafted blend, specialty coffee is a journey. 

For example, when you subscribe to our Coffee of the Month Club, you’ll also receive tasting notes, different varietals, information on the harvesting process and the elevation of the farm. 

This will allow you to indulge in a fuller sensorial experience and learn to taste all the different flavor nuances of each type of specialty coffee.

3. Specialty coffee supports everyone involved in its production

Coffee farmers behind specialty coffee

When something is too cheap to be true, it’s because it is. Many companies cut costs by exploiting farmers or employing poor environmental practices. 

Specialty coffee isn’t having it.

At Fire Dept. Coffee we always make sure that our farms are both environmentally and socially responsible, and that everyone involved in the production of our coffee gets fair wages.

4. You can either find your new favorite or try different specialty coffee every time

Fire Dept. Coffee bags of specialty coffee

Specialty coffee is just an umbrella term, but there are lots of different types. Are you one of those coffee lovers who prefer drinking the same blend or do you like experimenting? 

Either way, at Fire Dept. Coffee we’ve got you covered. 

We offer several roasts and even our unique spirit-infused coffee: you can browse or try different bags until you find the one. Then? Choose a customizable subscription so that you get it cheaper and never run out of it! 

Or you can join our exclusive Coffee of the Month Club to receive a bag of specialty coffee from different origins every time.

So, to summarize, why drink specialty coffee? The question should be ‘why drink stale coffee with a shady supply chain’. And our answer would be... no clue. 

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