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Everybody Loves a Red Headed Comedian — Ginger Comedian

Everybody Loves a Red Headed Comedian — Especially Fire Dept. Coffee

November 05, 2021 4 Comments

Does being a red headed comedian make you funnier? It’s a question we’ve found ourselves pondering lately. 

The short answer is most likely “no,” but here’s what's special about the red-headed comedians. There’s just something in those ginger genes that makes these guys inherently funny.

Allow us to introduce you to Exhibits A, B and C. And all of these hilarious red-headed comic geniuses are on the Fire Dept. Coffee team.


Exhibit A: Ginger Billy (Ginger Comedian)

It’s right there in his name: Ginger Billy.

Because redheads are sometimes referred to as “ginger.” Get it? Ginger Billy.

Anyway, the thing about Ginger Billy is he’s bald, but he’s got that sweet red beard. And he’s an unofficial, official firefighter thanks to his lil’ red fire truck, which in Billy’s Southern drawl is actually pronounced “far truck.”

We had to go down to check it out. It’s legit, and we’ve got the video to prove it. Ginger Billy and Fire Dept. Coffee have been BFFs ever since. 

And he’s not just fighting fars. He’s got an am-buh-lance, too.

Give him a follow on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or TikTok, depending on where you prefer to get your laughs.


Exhibit B: Firefighter Fenton (Also a Ginger Comedian)

From the red beard to the red ’stache. 

Red-headed Firefighter Fenton is even more legit with his first responder credentials. He’s a full-time firefighter paramedic and public information officer at his fire department in Arizona.

The comedy thing just sort of happened because he’s funny. And funny things happen to firefighters. And Firefighter Fenton always finds a way to shine a spotlight on them and make them even funnier.

He’s even mastered the art of communicating without even saying a word.

But he also can use his humor powers for good. Like educating young firefighters on whether or not it’s wise to spray water on a live power line. Spoiler: It’s not. 

Or teaching homeowners when it’s time to change out the smoke alarm.

Check out Firefighter Fenton on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or TikTok.



Exhibit C: Jason Patton (Bald Headed, Red Headed Comedian)

You’re going to have to take our word for it on this one. But Jason Patton is a red head.

Another professional firefighter and funnyman, Jason got his start making hilarious videos for Fire Department Chronicles, which eventually led him to also join our team. Now he’s our vice president and chief shenanigans officer.

He’s been with us for years, so we know him well. We’ve seen the photos of Jason before he started taking a razor to the dome on a regular basis. We can confirm his red-head status, and we can say with confidence that those hidden red follicles are the source of his comedic powers.

Whether he’s exploding pumpkins or sharing the wonders of our Spirit-Infused Coffee roasts or teaching lifesaving skills through comedy, he always brings the laughs.

He has become the face — if not the hair — of Fire Dept. Coffee. And hey, you can find him (and the rest of us) on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Fire Department Chronicles is on TikTok, too.

We’re lucky to have him and all of our favorite red-headed comedians on our side.

4 Responses


November 19, 2021

If all 3 did a comedy tour together that would be awesome! Hint, hint. Just do it!!!

November 06, 2021

Is there any pictures out there to prove that Jason is a red head.

Teressa Fowler
Teressa Fowler

November 06, 2021

@Patrick, I am brave enough. Heck, I’d even look…..up his nose…(ha, though something else eh rookie?) I’m sure his nose hairs are red…ish. XD


November 05, 2021

I’m not brave enough to ask who had to verify that Jason is really a redhead😱

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