Firefighter Jokes: The Humor That’s Kept Firefighters from Killing Each Other for the Last 350 Years

Firefighter Jokes: The Humor That’s Kept Firefighters from Killing Each Other for the Last 350 Years

October 22, 2020

Firefighting is serious business. Paramedics and EMTs can be staring down a life-or-death situation in the blink of an eye.

When a call comes in, things get real — real fast.

That’s why firefighter humor is a tradition as old as fire fighting itself. We all gotta laugh sometimes.

There can be a lot of hours to fill between putting out the scorching flames or rescuing a patient in full cardiac arrest. It doesn’t take long to learn that if you can’t fill some of that time with laughs — and coffee, don’t forget coffee — life at the fire station will wear you down.

Fire Dept. Coffee Vice President and co-owner, Jason Patton, realized that early in his career. He made a name for himself by creating hilarious videos about the lighter side of life as a first responder. You’ve seen him in action on his Fire Department Chronicles Facebook page … and on Instagram … and on YouTube.

When you’re on duty, there are thousands of inside jokes that first responders share. Jason has a way of making them funnier than ever — and doing it in a way that everyone can enjoy.

Even if they’ve never had the pleasure of enjoying a homemade firefighter style dinner.

You’ll get a laugh out of it even if you’ve never ridden inside a fire truck piloted by the very distinct types of drivers you encounter on shift. What’s up, Brake Check Guy? Oh, hey, First Time Driving Guy! It’s been a while. Sure, hit that siren. Give that horn a pull. Live it up, big guy. It’s your day.

But it’s not all inside jokes and toilet humor — although if you’re into that sort of thing, check out “How Firefighters Poop.” 

Jason is also in it for the educational value.

No, seriously. Learning can be fun.

If you’re going to remember something, it’s got to be, well, memorable. “Comedy CPR” is a three-minute video filled with valuable information for the average bystander  rescuer, giving them the info and assurance they need to start saving a life in the critical minutes between dialing 911 and first responders arriving on the scene.

With a steady stream of quick cuts, one-liners, and prop comedy, Jason and the crew lighten the mood and let viewers know that they can do it. They can save a life. And as a bonus, they won’t get sued!

That’s the stuff that keeps us coming back for more.

And the great thing is, Jason keeps on giving us more. Because at the fire department, we need some good laughs. Especially when the pot is empty because that certain someone forgot to order more coffee.

How could they forget to order more coffee?

Who does that? What kind of person lets the coffee run out and doesn’t order more coffee?

We’re just kidding. That would never happen.

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