Rescued by Laughter: A Firefighter, a Comedian and a Mission to Serve

Rescued by Laughter: A Firefighter, a Comedian and a Mission to Serve

August 07, 2018

Two things we know are 100% guaranteed to make a long day on the job much better.

The first is coffee. It’s sort of our thing.

The second? Laughter.

Our best days on the job are when there’s a full pot of coffee and a full crew of men and women in good moods and cracking jokes.

Jason Patton is the founder of Fire Department Chronicles, where he shares hilarious videos that tap the power of humor to lift the spirits of firefighters worldwide. That’s why he’s become one of Fire Dept. Coffee’s greatest partners.

Now we’re thrilled to announce that you can get your own Fire Department Chronicles T-shirts in our online store. Thanks to the support of our new Fire Dept. Coffee Foundation, 100% of proceeds from every sale goes to support firefighter charities close to his heart and our own.

The Man Behind the Laughs

You know Jason. He’s the big guy with the bald head and the accent and the wide eyes that you see in our social media posts, not to mention those he shares via Fire Department Chronicles on Facebook and Instagram.

Like this one that shows how a firefighter can become a maniac about his cardio workouts.

Or this parody that introduces the Emergency Chicken Air Breathing system with its patented poultry filtration device.

Jason isn’t just a jokester. He’s a firefighter and paramedic based in Florida with more than a decade on the job.

Like other first responders, he understands the importance of his work, serving the community, always ready to save a life on a moment’s notice.

It’s an incredibly stressful job, and he’s learned firsthand how a well-timed laugh can make all the difference in the world for those who dedicate their lives to serving others.

It just so happens that Jason is funnier than the average firefighter — much, much funnier.

“I started making videos as an outlet for the stress that I was enduring from my job as a firefighter,” Jason said. “It was a great outlet for me and my coworkers to de-stress and cope with what we see on a daily basis. Then I started getting messages from other firefighters and first responders saying that it helped them to laugh after bad calls.”

Fire Dept. Coffee founder Luke Schneider was one of those people. Luke came across Jason’s videos online — and could not stop laughing. He reached out to Jason and the more they learned about each other, the more they saw a shared purpose.

Fire Dept. Coffee helps hardworking people get through the day with the help of a bold, delicious mug of their favorite caffeinated drink.

Fire Department Chronicles helps them get through the day by providing a shot of humor that goes down smooth because it’s both completely ridiculous and completely spot-on.

On top of it all, they don’t do it just for money or just for laughs. They have a mission to serve and to take care of their fellow firefighters and their families. They have a mission to serve their communities.

“I got involved with Fire Dept. Coffee because our brands are built on the same premise: Help others,” Jason said. “We both believe that the foundation of any company should be to benefit those around you. By making clean, family-friendly videos for people to laugh at, raise money for cancer victims, or even just give someone a bag of free coffee, we are working to try to make the world around us just a little better.”

Jason has become an ambassador for Fire Dept. Coffee, spreading the word about our mission at firehouses across the country and around the world.

It is our honor to spread the word about Jason and his mission. We’re proud to be his partner. We’d be proud to see you wearing a Fire Department Chronicles shirt. When someone asks you about the shirt, tell them about Jason.

Tell them how laughter really does have the power to heal.

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