One of the best firefighter gifts

The Best Firefighter Gifts For the 2020 Holiday Season

October 30, 2019

Looking for Christmas gifts for firefighters? Or perhaps some gift ideas for a special firefighter’s birthday? 

If there’s something we can tell you for sure is that long shifts at the fire station and coffee go hand in hand. You can trust us: we’re both firefighters and coffee roasters!

Because our online store is full of firefighter gifts that combine their passion for their inspiring job and that for this magic liquid, it’s bound to make the day of the best firefighter in your life.

But let’s make things easier by showing you our favorite items!

1. Firefighter Mug

We have a premium collection of different ceramic mugs, including a flaming color-changing design: perfect to make your friend’s first coffee of the day (and their fifth) extra special whether they drink it at home or at the fire station.

2. Takeaway coffee cup

Perhaps they always somehow end up waving a sad goodbye to that freshly brewed cup of joe to avoid being late for work? 

Then the solution to save their day is our takeaway tumbler. Made of stainless steel, double-walled and vacuum-sealed, it’s impeccable at keeping coffee piping hot during a commute or even a long shift. 

3. T-shirt gifts for firefighters

Some of the best gifts for firefighters, these t-shirts are also a stylish statement to silently tell everyone ‘Hey, I get superior freshly roasted coffee delivered to my house instead of settling for stale store-bought grounds’.

Pretentious? Nah, totally cool, if you ask us!

4. FDC metal sign

Whether you think they’ll hang it at the fire station or at home, this 17 & ½” metal sign will allow them to showcase both their dedication to this crazy job and their love for the best beverage in the world (fact).

5. Patches, stickers & challenge coins

These items can embed their passions and personality onto the most basic items or accessories, turning them into conversation starters. 

With such a wide range ofpatcheschallenge coins and stickers, it’ll be a breeze to find the right one for your lucky friend or colleague.

6. Neck gaiter

Our neck gaiters are incredibly versatile accessories and, especially, some of the most useful gifts for firefighters.

They can help them avoid colds and sore throats during those crisp winter mornings or late-night shifts… and even implicitly tell people to keep off until they’ve had their first coffee of the day!

Featuring two jaw-dropping designs inspired by some of our strongest blends, they’re all made from a comfortable sustainable fabric.

7. Gift card

A tasty and vital gift for firefighters who rely on caffeine? A gift card for a coffee roastery run by firefighters, of course!

If you’re not too sure as to what type of coffee your friend prefers, let them choose instead. We promise they’ll love you forever.

8. Coffee subscription

Or perhaps you already know that type of java they can't live without?

In that case, you can turn any of our blends into a practical subscription for them, from different types of roasts to our unique Spirit-Infused Coffee.

Or maybe they enjoy trying different flavors every time and learning all about their origin? Say no more. We created our varied Coffee of the Month Club for adventurous coffee lovers just like them.

While we think that these are some of the best gifts for firefighters, there’s something else that makes all of our products special, regardless of which one you go for.

10% of our profits are destined to help fellow firefighters and first responders when they’re ill or injured.

If you pick one of these gift ideas for firefighters, we bet your present will be the most meaningful one (and their favorite!).

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