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Ginger Billy, Fire Truck Car

Ginger Billy Shows Us All How to Fight Fars (AKA Fires)

August 31, 2021

His gear may not be regulation.

After all, skimpy cut-off jeans, suspenders over his bare chest and a plastic hard hat over his bald head are not going to protect him from much.

His fire truck, a lil’ bitty thing complete with a hand-cranked siren, may not be the most confidence-inspiring vehicle we’ve ever seen.

But he’s got a fire hose (sort of) and a pike pole (he calls it a pokey stick) and he’s got a pot of Fire Dept. Coffee brewing at all times (we respect that).

Put it all together with his gloriously thick Southern accent and that makes him one of the funniest firefighters we’ve ever seen. Or is it “far fighter”?

Doesn’t matter.

Ginger Billy Comedian

If you’re one of his 700,000+ followers on Instagram or one of his 4 million+ followers on Tiktok, you know him as comedian Ginger Billy. That’s how we discovered him, too.

So we were excited to dispatch our own Vice President/Hilarious Bald Guy, Jason Patton, to upstate South Carolina to team up with Ginger Billy. With his little red truck and rural resourcefulness, he welcomed Jason into his “Volunteer Far Department.”

Shenanigans ensued.

That’s to be expected if you know Ginger Billy. He’s a former respiratory therapist who found his calling as a comedian after his video about the retirement of Dale Earnhart, Jr. went viral.

Then the videos kept coming and the audience kept growing. He tried stand-up comedy and now performs to sold-out venues. All of it because of his hilarious takes on everyday life, playing up the trials and tribulations of life in rural America.

In a time when politics has divided our nation, Ginger Billy steers clear of the political debates. But that’s about all he steers clear of.

He’s a DIY kind of guy, who has converted an old van into a truck and then converted it again and again, including most recently into his lil’ red far truck.

He’s truly a renaissance man, and he’s our kind of guy. 

We had a blast filming the video with him. If you haven’t seen it, you’ve got to watch it. But be warned. You just might laugh so hard that you’ll spit out your Fire Dept. Coffee.

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