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Marie Stravinskas Keeps the FDC Community Connected
FDC Car to Feature Shellback Espresso Paint Scheme for Charlotte Race

May 25, 2023

Kaz Grala will be driving the sharpest car in the field with a new design inspired by our Shellback Espresso, which itself is a tribute to the U.S. Navy and sailors everywhere. The paint scheme on the Toyota Supra reflects the design on our Shellback Espresso packaging — but it takes it to a new, more awesome level.

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Marie Stravinskas Keeps the FDC Community Connected
Fire Dept. Coffee Unveils Vintage Paint Scheme for NASCAR Throwback Weekend

May 03, 2023 2 Comments

NASCAR’s annual Throwback Weekend is fast approaching. On Sunday, May 13, during the Xfinity Series race in Darlington, South Carolina, you’ll notice a vintage fire truck themed paint scheme on the No. 26 Supra driven by Kaz Grala for Sam Hunt Racing.

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Marie Stravinskas Keeps the FDC Community Connected
Fire Dept. Coffee Celebrates Military Appreciation Month (All Year Long)

May 01, 2023

May is Military Appreciation Month, which makes it a natural time to take a moment to say, “THANK YOU,” and to remind our entire military community just how grateful we are for all they do. 

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