The Halligan Tool: When You Need Something Extra to Break Into the Day

The Halligan Tool: When You Need Something Extra to Break Into the Day

January 08, 2019

Anyone who has worked in the fire service in the last 70 years knows about the Halligan.

It’s the tool you need to get through just about any door and a lot more. It’s got a claw, a blade, and a pick. In the right hands, there’s almost nothing it can’t do.

That’s why we’re so excited to unveil our newest mug in honor of this timeless tool. The Halligan mug is strong and reliable. It’s always there for you in the toughest of times. It looks pretty cool, too.

Also available in honor of the halligan tool is the Halligan Bottle Opener Keychain

At Fire Dept. Coffee, we’re proud to honor the heroes and iconic tools that define the firefighting lifestyle. The Halligan bar originated in New York in 1948 when FDNY First Deputy Chief Hugh Halligan helped develop the prototype alongside blacksmith Peter Clarke.

Believe it or not, because it was created by a New York firefighter, FDNY opted not to purchase the first Halligan bars. The powers that be thought it would be a conflict of interest.

The Boston Fire Department was the first major department to invest in the Halligan. They bought one for every company in the city. But New York firefighters liked it so much, many of them purchased Halligans with their own money.

Word spread quickly about this amazing new tool. It wasn’t long before the Halligan could be found in just about every firehouse across the county.

Over the decades since its creation, it has become one of the most versatile and widely used tools that firefighters have ever laid hands on. It’s right up there with the hose and water. Or the bottomless pot of coffee.

The Halligan is widely used as a forcible entry tool that we use for multiple applications, but the main use of it is to force entry into homes. This tool is a staple in the fire department. It is normally paired with a flat-headed ax, and the two always go together. Once those two are married together, they are known as a “set of irons.” 


The Halligan Bar of Firehouse Beverages

If you think about it, the Halligan is a lot like a good cup of joe.

We like to think of Fire Department Coffee as the Halligan bar of beverages. It comes in Original or Dark Roast, Decaf or Donut Shop, Backdraft Espresso or one of our many popular Spirit-Infused Coffees.

Whatever your favorite blend, you can count on our coffee to do so many different things for you. It can be your wakeup call. It can quench your thirst. It energizes you on the way to a call. It can help you power through a long, slow shift at the firehouse.

And when you drink it out of the trusty new Halligan Mug, you’ll be ready to bust right through whatever challenge lay in front of you.

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