Man holding a coffee after brewing it with one of the best travel coffee makers

Best Travel Coffee Makers to Brew Fire Dept. Coffee On the Go

November 18, 2020

Imagine waking up on the first morning of your camping trip or holiday, ready to explore the area, and… you only have a sad cup of instant coffee to energize you. Ouch. Luckily, the best travel coffee makers allow you to make the most of your favorite Fire Dept. Coffee wherever you are! 

Whether that’s your motorhome or the top of a mountain, you’ll no longer need to compromise on flavor. Most of these methods work even if you haven’t got immediate access to hot water, as you can just boil it before you leave and keep it in a reliable thermal bottle.

French press - an iconic classic

A portable French press, perfect as a travel coffee maker

With the timeless French press you can bring an element of familiarity to whatever corner of the world you’re traveling to. Perfect to brew and enjoy some coffee all together before setting off for the next adventure!


  • Durable (if stainless steel)
  • Available in lots of different sizes


  • Relatively fragile (if glass)
  • It can take up a lot of precious space in a backpack

Best for: families going on holiday and when space isn’t a problem.

Travel press - a two-in-one solution

Man running in the wild with a travel press on his back

These small coffee makers look just like traditional travel mugs, but they have an ace up their sleeve (or, better, in their chamber): you can brew the coffee and press the plunger just like in a French press.


  • Compact
  • It doesn’t require any additional mugs


  • Only really for one person

Best for: the most active hikers, who are only taking the bare minimum and would rather enjoy their coffee on the go.

AeroPress or AeroPress Go - most portable coffee makers

Man brewing coffee with the Aeropress, the best portable coffee maker

Despite being much younger than most of the other best travel coffee makers in our list, the hip AeroPress has become the portable coffee maker. Its younger brother, the AeroPress Go, even comes with a mug.

They ensure a rich brew, are incredibly light, and take such little space in your backpack.


  • Light, durable, and the most portable coffee makers
  • Rich-tasting coffee


  • You can only really make two mugs of coffee at a time

Best for: coffee nomads or couples who can’t go a full hike without a coffee.

Kalita Wave - best small coffee maker for pour over coffee

A Kalita Wave, one of the best small coffee makers

Is your pour over coffee ritual too precious to be interrupted on holiday? The quirkiest manual dripper has you covered.


  • Very small, light and durable
  • Excellent pour over coffee


  • You must carry the delicate Kalita Wave paper filters, too

Best for: solo adventurers or couples who take their morning coffee seriously. Very seriously.

Moka pot - an Italian gem

A moka pot, one of the best portable coffee makers for espresso

Do you usually need a stronger shot of coffee before a day full of adventures? Are you gutted that you can’t bring your machine with you? The moka pot is a popular method to get espresso-style coffee in the wild! 


  • Durable and portable
  • Stronger coffee


  • You need a source of heat

Best for: RV homes or well-equipped camping trips, especially for coffee lovers who need a stronger shot.

Portable espresso makers - For quick espresso shots

Person using a portable coffee maker for espresso

If you were excited about the idea of enjoying an espresso but won’t have any source of heat at hand on your travels, relax. You can use portable coffee makers for espresso, like the Wacaco Nanopresso or the Handpresso.


  • Small and durable
  • Required pressure for espresso
  • You don’t need a source of heat


  • You can only brew one shot at a time

Which of the best travel coffee makers are you going to use to enjoy your favorite Fire Dept. Coffee on the go? Let us know in the comments!

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